These willow trees were planted almost 400 hundred years ago by our Acadian Ancestors who pioneered the village of Grand-Pré.

On the property near to the dykelands, we still see these 400 year old trees and roots planted so many years ago near St-Charles-des-Mines Church.

They were silent witnesses to all that happened that memorable day of September 5, 1755, when the Deportation Act was read and the Deportation ensued. The willows and the dykes were all that was not destroyed by the British when they deported our Ancestors from their beloved Acadia.

These Willows were planted later on the Grand-Pré land and are an excellent reminder of all that happened in this hallowed place.

These are the Acadian Ancestors who had pioneered and were living at Grand-Pré in 1693:

André LeBlanc and Marie Dugas
Germain Thériault and Anne Richard
Vincent Longuépée and Madeleine Rimbault
François Rimbault and Marie Babin
Louis Labauve and Marie Rimbault
Charles Babin and Madeleine Richard
Vincent Babin and Anne Thériault
René LeBlanc and Anne Bourgeois
Jean Doucet and Françoise Blanchard
Pierre Richard and Marguerite Landry
Pierre Granger and Isabelle Guilbeau
Michel Vincent and Marie Richard
Pierre Melanson and Marguerite Mius
Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hébert
Jean Landry and Cécile Melanson
Guillaume Trahan and Jacqueline Benoit
Alexandre Trahan and Marie Pellerin
Michel Forest and Marie Petitpas
Pierre Forest and Cécile Richard

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