St. Timothée de Shemogue Parish
LeBlanc Marriages from 1819 to 1889

Shemogue, New Brunswick

In addition to the marriages for Shemogue as noted above, I have researched and found the following information on the first pioneers of Shemogue and their lineage.

First Pioneers of Chimougoui, known to us as Shemogue

Shemogue is one of the exceptional places where the Acadians lived both before and after the Deportation. In the Fall of 1754, about eight or nine months before the deporation, eight Acadian families lived at Chimougouik. A census by the French athorities at Fort Beauséjour lists the names of the eight fahers of these families. Among them: Benonis Doucet, Vieux Douaron, Paul Douaron, John Douaron, John Bouch, Alexandre Forest. The genealogy of these families tells us that they all pretty much came from the same region.

The 1754 genealogy of these families - you will note where some of them were sent during the Deportation of 1755.

Toussaint Doucet and his wife Marie Caissie were the parents of:

Pierre Doucet who married Marie Richard about 1724. She was the widow of Jean Caissie.

Marguerite Doucet, married abt 1725. She was at Au Lac 1752 - 3 daughters and 5 sons; Chimougoui 1754 - 2 daughters and 3 sons; South Carolina - 3 children.

Bélonie Doucet married Marguerite Poirier 1746. She was the d/o of deceased Joseph and Anne Bernard. Bélonie and his wife were at Au Lac 1752 - 4 sons; Chimougoui 1754 - 4 sons.

Paul Doiron married Rose Bourgeois 1747. There were at Au Lac 1752 - 1 daughter; Chimougoui 1754 - 1 daughter; South Carolina - 3 children; Santo Domingo 1779.

Joseph Doiron born in 1732; married Unidentified spouse abt 1754. Iin Chimougoui 1754; South Carolina 1755.

Jean Doiron and Marie Trahan were the parents of:

View Paul Doiron.

Jean Doiron and his first wife Marie-Anne Canol were the parents of:

Jan Doiron who married Anne LeBlanc. Their son Jean Doiron married 1745. Anastasie Doiron married Michel David and they were in Santo Domingo (today Dominican Republic) in 1776. They had ben in Tintamarre 1752 - 4 daughters and 1 son; Chimougoui 1754 - 4 daughters and 1 son; South Carolina - 6 children.

Jean-Baptiste Poirier and Marie Cormier were the parents of: Madeleine Poirier who married Joseph Hébert. They in turn were the parents of:

Madeleine who married Joseph Comeau at Menoudie. . They had ben in Tintamarre 1752 - 4 daughters and 1 son; Chimougoui 1754 - 4 daughters and 1 son; South Carolina - 6 children.

Joseph Poirier who married about 1732. He was at Au Lac 1752 - 1 daughter and 4 sons; Chimogoui 1754 - 1 daughters and 3 sons; Philadelphia 1755; Bécancour 1767.

In the spring of 1804, the first Acadian settlers following the Deportation of 1755-1763 arrived at Shemogue. These settlers obtained land grants totalling 4,160 acres on 12 June 1806.

The following 16 Acadians received land grants:

  • Jean Downing - he died 14 December 1812 and was buried at Memramcook - the name of Jean Donais was recorded in the register. He was married to Marguerite Haché.

  • Joseph Bonnevie - born in 1773, he was married to Anastasie Babineau. He died 11 April 1835.

  • Louis Bonnevie - Born in 1766, he was married to Anne Bourque. He died 19 March 1813.

  • Francis Hubert Bourque dit "François en Bas" - was born in 1778. He was married to Dorothée Donelle. He died 22 October 1847.

  • Jean Bourque - born in 1767, he was married to Adélaide Brun. He died 4 October 1847.

  • Joseph Bourque dit "Joseph in Bas" - was born 1770; he was married to Esther Bonnevie. He died 12 April 1833.

  • John Downing, Jr. - was born in 1781. He married Marie-Josephte Doiron. He was buried at Cap-Pelé on 27 September 1871. His wife died 29 December 1866 and was buried the next day at the age of 92. She was thus born in 1774.

  • Paul Duguay - Son of Michel and Marie Girouard. He was born abt 1770; married 1. Anne Bonnevie who died 28 December 1815. He married 2. Ursule Doiron on 12 October 1818. He died 24 August 1841.

  • Paul Forêt - son of Charles and Marguerite Poirier. He was born 7 September 1746 and died 26 October 1836. He married 1. Anne Bourque and 2. Louise-Christine Bonnevie.

  • Charles Léger - born in 1750. He married Marie Bourque nd died 17 May 1837.

  • Charles Léger, Jr. - born in 1775. He married Appoline Bourque. He died 29 May 1841.

  • Simon Léger - born in 1789. He married Élisabeth LeBlanc. He died 7 Janaury 1827 at the age of 38.

  • Pierre Melanson - born in 1778. He married Rosalie Forêt. He died 13 December 1825.

  • Jean-François Poral - originated from France and was the son of Jean Porel, doctor, and Marie Desprez. He married Marie Noiles.

    (This information obtained from the Provincial Archives in a letter from Placide Gaudet to J. E. Ouellet, priest, 4 March 1918.

    LeBlanc Marriages from 1819 to 1889 Shemogue, New Brunswick

    Rosalie Leblanc d/o Paul Leblanc/Marie Babin to Laurent Brun s/o Paul/Marie-Blanche Dupuis 21 May 1821.

    Anne Leblanc/ d/o Charles/Marie Duguay to François Downing s/o John/Josephte Doiron 21 Apr 1823.

    Laurent Leblanc s/o Pierre/Louise Poral to Julie Bourk d/o François/Cécile Lemançon 12 May 1845.

    Élisabeth Leblanc d/o Gabriel/Judith Bourk to Auguste Léger s/o Moise/Marie Thériot 16 Feb 1846.

    Osite Leblanc d/o Marcel/Appolline Dupuis to Joseph Saulnier, widower of Anne Thibodeau, 17 Feb 1846.

    Gertrude Leblanc d/o Maximin/Scholastique Léger to Dominique Bourgeois s/o Fidel/Modeste Bourk 17 Feb 1846.

    Paul Leblanc, widower of Anne Brun to Françoise Leblanc, widow of Gabriel Leblanc, 29 June 1846.

    Catherine Leblanc, d/o Pierre/Louise Poral to Anselme Brun, widower of ------ Leblanc, 27 Oct 1851.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Pierre/Louise Porel to Joseph Foret s/o Paul Foret/Rosalie Boudrot 10 Jan 1853.

    Froidine Leblanc d/o Joachim/apolline Lirette to André Bristo s/o Élie Bristol/Adelaide Lirette 15 Hov 1853.

    Antoine Leblanc s/o Joseph/Appoline Suret to Euphémie Doiron d/o Paul/Henriette Fournier 27 Feb 1854.

    Modeste Leblanc d/o Pierre/Marguerite Godet to Honoré Dupuis s/o Thaddé/Modeste Landry 8 Jan 1860.

    Jean Leblanc, widower of Marie Bourk, to Marguerite Cormier d/o Pierre/Osite Cormier 1 Feb 1860.

    Isabelle Leblanc d/o Damase/Pélagie Léger to Jules Cormier s/o Jean-Baptiste/Apolline Babinault 8 Feb 1860.

    Pélagie Leblanc d/o Nicolas/Marie Porel to André Doiron s/o André/Placide Doiron 15 Oct 1860.

    Mathurin Leblanc s/o Damase/Pélagie Léger to Louise Leblanc d/o thaddé/Marguerite Landry 21 Oct 1860.

    Placide Leblanc s/o Pierre/Marie Hébert to Madeleine Dudier d/o Joseph/Osite Melanson 14 Jan 1861.

    Honoré Leblanc s/o Fabien/Marie Leblanc to Suzanne Liret d/o Urbain/Marguerite Landry 20 Jan 1861.

    Honoré Leblanc s/o Jean/Marguerite Bourk to Osite Léger d/o Damien/Scholastique Melanson 4 Nov 1861.

    Julienne Leblanc d/o Pierre/Marie Hébert to Thaddé Brun s/o Olivier/Suzanne Melanson (no date) Jan 1862.

    Martin Leblanc s/o Pacifique/Marie-Anne Landry to Justine Léger d/o François/Marguerite Bonnevie -- Feb 1862.

    Damien Leblanc s/o Fabien/Marie Leblanc to Marie-Rose Leblanc d/o François/Suzanne Leblanc -- Jan 1863.

    Lucille Leblanc d/o Fabien/Marie Leblanc to Frederick Downing s/o Louis/Marie Bourk 2 Nov 1863.

    Louis Leblanc s/o Pacifique/Marie-Anne Landry to Jeanne Leblanc d/o Jean/Marguerite Bourk 1 Feb 1864.

    Bibiane Leblanc d/o Benoni/Marie Bourk to Calixte Bellivo s/o Amand/Nathalie Bourgeois 6 Sep 1864.

    Barbe Leblanc d/o Jacques/Françoise Leblanc to Hyppolite Gallant s/o Fidel/Geneviè Leblanc 24 Sep 1864.

    Augustin Leblanc s/o Dominique/Louise Doiron to Euphémie Leblanc d/o Zosime/Marie Richard 21 Nov 1864.

    Dominique Leblanc s/o Pierre/Louise Porel to Marine Melançon d/o Joseph/Françoise 7 Jan 1865.

    Gabriel Leblanc s/o Thaddé/Marguerite Landry to Julie Liret d/o Urbain/Nathalie Cormier 12 Nov 1865.

    Odille Leblanc d/o Benoni/Marie Bourk to Louis Desvarennes s/o Jacques/Marie Cormier 6 Feb 1866.

    Suzanne Leblanc d/o Damase/Pélagie Léger to Abraham Cormier s/o Baptiste/Apolline Babineault 10 Feb 1866.

    Marcelline Leblanc d/o Dominique/Marie Doiron to Dosithé Richard s/o Marcel/Marie Leblanc 12 Nov 1866.

    Pélagie Leblanc d/o Damase/Pélagie Léger to Grégoire Cormier s/o Dominique/Charlotte Babinault 26 Feb 1867.

    François Leblanc, widower of Isabelle Arseneau, to Josephte Roy, widow of Louis Bonnevie 18 Jul 1867.

    Emilienne Leblanc d/o Pacifique/Marianne Landry to Ferdinand Bourgeois s/o Frederick/Marie Melanson 3 October 1867.

    Ferdinand Leblanc s/o Pacifique/Marianne Landry to Geneviève Guéguen d/o Damien/Scholastique Léger 19 Nov 1867.

    Marie-Rose Leblanc, widow of Damien Pitré, to Jérémie Bour s/o Joseph/François Cormier 4 Feb 1868.

    Bersimé Leblanc s/o André/Henriette Vienneau to Madeleine Bristol d/o Lucien/Anne Landry 20 Feb 1868.

    Dosithé Leblanc s/o Pierre/Louise Porel to Angèle Brun d/o Anselme/Osite Leblanc 26 Apr 1868.

    Frederic Leblanc s/o Pierre/Marie-Louise Porel to Osite Brun d/o Pascal/Marie-Blanche Leblanc 24 Nov 1868.

    Placide Leblanc s/o Hyppolite/Madeleine Léger to Obeline Doiron d/o Marini/Marie-Blanche Goguen 3 Nov 1869.

    Dosithé Leblanc s/o Placide/Pélagie Arseno to Mathilde Desvarennes d/o Jacques/Marie Cormier 9 Nov 1869.

    Abel Leblanc s/o Frederique/Julie Légere to Modeste Bourk d/o Joseph/Madeleine Doiron 15 Nov 1869.

    Françoise Leblanc d/o Benoni/Marie Burk to Maximin Desvarennes s/o Jacques desvarennes/Marie Cormier 11 Jan 1870.

    Maxime Leblanc s/o Maxime/Suzanne Leblanc to Isabelle Bourk d/o Casimir =/Marie Burk 16 Jan 1870.

    Anicet Leblanc s/o Zosime/------ ? to Domatille Leblanc d/o Dominique and ------ ? 24 Jan 1870.

    Hyppolite Leblanc s/o Placide/Pélagie Arsenault to Judith Léger d/o Jacques/Bibiane Leblanc 16 May 1870.

    Suzanne Leblanc d/o Jude/Élisabeth Léger to Horele Hébert s/o David/Suzanne Bonvie 14 Nov 1870.

    Onésime Leblanc s/o Aimable/------ Cormier to Élisabeth Leblanc d/o thadé/------ Landry 14 Nov 1870.

    Modeste Leblanc d/o Damase/Pélagie Léger to Dominique Richard s/o Marcel/Marie Leblanc 14 Nov 1870.

    Dosithé Leblanc s/o Olivier/Pélagie Richard to Bibiane Leblanc d/o Dominique/Louise Doiron 9 Jan 1871.

    Honoré Leblanc, widower of Rosalie Gauvin, to Gertrude Cormier d/o David/Pélagie Cormier 9 Jan 1871.

    Domatille Leblanc d/o François/Susanne Leblanc to Eustache Cormier s/o Robert/Scholastique Cormier 16 Jan 1871.

    Jude Leblanc s/o Olivier/Pélagie Richard to Scholastique Léger d/o David/Marie Cormier 23 Jan 1871.

    Martin Leblanc s/o Pierre/Pélagie Sauniere to Sylvie Bourk d/o Maximin/Marguerite Arseno 22 Jul 1872.

    Marcelline Leblanc d/o Amand/Osithe Bourk to Goerge Gaudet s/o Jean/Nanette Leblanc 24 Sep 1872.

    Eustache Leblanc s/o Benoni/Marie Bourk to Philomène Bourk d/o Casimir/Marie Bourk 28 Nov 1872.

    Jean Leblanc s/o thadé/Henriette Richard to Melanie Saulnier d/o Jean/Madeleine Bourk 11 Feb 1873.

    Louis Leblanc s/o Louis/Jeanne Leblanc to Marie Leblanc d/o thadé/Marguerite Landry 4 Nov 1873.

    Lazare Leblanc s/o thadé/Marguerite Landry to Marguerite Bourk d/o Urbain/Louise Bourgeois 10 Nov 1873.

    Théophile Leblanc s/o Hyppolite/Madeleine Léger to Susanne Melançon d/o Casimir/Françoise Léger 4 May 1874.

    Mathilde Leblanc d/o Ambroise/Marie Porel to André Léger s/o Fidel/Lablanche Thibodeau 23 Nov 1874.

    Louis Leblanc, widower of Marie Leblanc to Delphine Noël d/o Jean/Marceline Hébert.

    Ferdinand Leblanc s/o Frederique/Julienne Léger to Osithe Brun d/o Anselm/Osite Leblanc 16 May 1875.

    Anselme Leblanc s/o Jude/Élisabeth Léger to Celina Doiron d/o Thadé/Osite Melançon.

    Philippe Leblanc s/o Louis/Marguerite Gaudet to Anna Cullen d/o Patrick/Mary Ann Lawlor 26 September 1875.

    Aimé Leblanc d/o François/Susanne Leblanc to Domatille Leblanc d/o Laurent/Julie Burk 15 Nov 1875.

    Malcolm Leblanc s/o Hypolite M./Henriette Burk to Josephine Bellivo d/o Simon/ann Dudier 23 Nov 1875.

    Obeline Leblanc d/o Jude/Isabelle Léger to Sylvain Hébert, widower of Marguerite Doiron, 30 July 1876.

    Barbe Leblanc d/o Zosime/Marie Richard to Julienne Brun d/o Nicolas/Barbe Léger 23 Nov 1876.

    Sylvain Leblanc s/o Zosime Leblanc/Marie Richard to Modeste Brun d/o Rafael/Prudence Downing 2 Oct 1877.

    Jude Leblanc s/o Laurent/Julie Burk to Marie B. Cormier d/o Laurent/Apoline Goguen 20 Nov 1877.

    Madeleine Leblanc d/o Ferdinand/Marie Leblanc to Paul Doiron s/o Étienne/Madeleine Richard 20 Nov 1877.

    Marcel Leblanc s/o Ambroise/Marie Leblanc to Gertrude Lirette d/o Eustache/Rose Melançon 20 Nov 1877.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Pierre/Marie-Blanche Hébert to Théohile Landry s/o Olivier/Rosalie Leblanc 26 Nov 1877.

    Celina Leblanc d/o Amand/Osite Burk to Damien Goguen s/o Thadé/Julie Doiron 19 (sic) Nov 1877.

    Isabelle Leblanc d/o Jude/------ ? to Michel Léger s/o Casimir/Marguerite Dudier 26 Nov 1877.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Fabien/Marie to Thomas Babinot s/o Pierre/Marguerite Cormier 7 Jan 1878.

    Thadé Leblanc d/o Zosime/Marie Richard to Celeste Doiron d/o Frederique/eulalie Goguen 3 Mar 1878.

    Philippe Leblanc s/o frederique/Julienne Léger to Anne Brun d/o François/Marguerite Williams.

    Aimé Leblanc s/o Philippe/Appoline Richard to Marie Ward d/o Michel/Maire-Louise Dupuis 3 Nov 1878.

    Dina Leblanc d/o Thadé/Marguerite Landry to Philippe Vienno s/o David/Madeleine Saulnier 17 Nov 1878.

    Philippe Leblanc s/o Placide/Pélagie Arseno to Justine Brun d/o Charles/Dauphine Porrel 17 Nov 1878.

    Philomobe Leblanc d/o Ambroise/Marie Leblanc to Sylvain Richard s/o Marcel/Marie Leblanc 17 Feb 1879.

    Moise Leblanc, widower of Marie Richard, to Justine Cormier d/o Grégoire/Barbe Bonnevie 12 May 1879.

    Celina Leblanc d/o Sylvain/Marguerite Burk to Ferdinand Cormier s/o Moise/Françoise Léger 21 Oct 1879.

    Philippe Leblanc s/o Moise/Osithe Burk to Marie Melançon d/o Casimir/Françoise Léger 3 Feb 1880.

    Cécile Leblanc d/o Laurent/Julie Burk to Jude Gaudet s/o François/Antoinette Léger 9 Feb 1880.

    Thomas Leblanc s/o Dominique/Louise Doiron to Marie Ellen Labreque d/o Jacques/Marguerite Porrel 25 Oct 1880.

    Jovin Leblanc d/o Zosime/Marie Richard to Antoinette Forrest d/o Maximin/Isabelle Dudier 25 Oct 1880.

    Jacob Leblanc s/o Pacifique/Marie Anne Landry to Diinah Leblanc d/o Frederique/Julienne Léger 8 Nov 1880.

    Louis Leblanc s/o Thadé/Apoline Landry to Marceline Brun d/o Laurent/Antoinette Burk 21 Nov 1880.

    Sigefroi Leblanc s/o andré/Harriette Vianno to Justine Lirette d/o Eustache/Rose Melançon 22 Nov 1880.

    Celina Leblanc d/o François/Françoise Doiron to Thadé Melançon s/o Casimir/Françoise Léger 14 Feb 1881.

    Victoire Leblanc d/o Ambroise/Marie Leblanc to Auguste Lirette s/o André/Kathleen Doiron 1 May 1881.

    Henriette Leblanc d/o Dominique/Louise Doiron to Athanase Brun s/o Dominique/Marguerite Burk 7 Nov 1881.

    Julien Leblanc s/o Hilarion/Madeleine Brun to Madeleine Leblanc d/o André/Henriette Vienno 31 Jan 1882.

    Geneviève Leblanc d/o Benoni/Marguerite Cormier to Sebastien Burk s/o Romain/Blanche Babinot 6 Nov 1882.

    Louis Leblanc s/o dominique/Louise Doiron to Marguerite Richard d/o Beloni/Anne Brun 27 Nov 1882.

    Maximin Leblanc s/o Amand/Osite Burk to Henriette Cormier d/o Laurent/Appoline Goguen 9 Oct 1883.

    Emilienne Leblanc d/o Amand/Osithe Burk to Alexander Williams s/o Damien/Gertrude Babinot 11 Nov 1883.

    Marguerite Leblanc d/o Honoré/Osithe Léger to Philippe Cormier s/o Olivier/Nathalie Downing 4 Feb 1884.

    Jean Leblanc s/o Antoine/Euphemie Doiron to Kathleen Goguen d/o Aimé/Anne Dudier 20 Apr 1884.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Antoine/Euphemie Doiron to Iréné McGrath s/o Thomas/Marguerite Gallant 18 May 1884.

    Pacifique Leblanc, widower of Marie Anne Landry, to Anne Dudier, widow of Simon Bellivo, 9 Nov 1884.

    Eugenie Leblanc d/o Pacifique/Marie Anne Landry to Dominique Landry s/o Joseph/Véronique Hébert 24 Nov 1884.

    Jude Leblanc s/o Pascal/Susan Arsenault to Celina Comeau d/o Olivier/Nathalie Donelle 12 Jul 1885.

    Élizabeth Leblanc d/o Jude/Isabelle Léger to Joseph Thériault s/o Damien/MathildeCormier 29 Sep 1885.

    Virginie Leblanc d/o George/Domatille Cormier to Alphée Léger s/o AiméMarceline Léger 28 Oct 1885.

    Dominique Leblanc, widower of Louise Doiron, to Osithe Bourque, widow of Amand Leblanc 18 Nov 1885.

    Jacques Leblanc s/o Dominique/Marine Melançon to Osite arsenault d/o Lucien/Elizabeth Deschenes 22 Apr 1886.

    Thadé Leblanc s/o Thadé/Marie Arsenault to Rosalie Forrest d/o Joseph/Marie Leblanc 20 Sep Osite arsenault d/o Lucien/Elizabeth Deschenes 22 Apr 1886.

    Hypolite Leblanc s/o André/Henriette Vienneau to Marguerite Donel d/o Louis/Geneviève Bourque 1 Nov 1886.

    Jephté Leblanc s/o Fidele/Marie Léger to Sara Leblanc d/o Georges/Domitille Cormier 21 Nov 1886.

    Henriette Leblanc d/o Antoine/Euphemie Doiron to Abel Brun, widower of LaBlanche Cormier, 15 May 1887.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Augustin/Euphemie Leblanc to Pierre Cormier s/o Sylvain/Marie Melançopn 31 Jul 1887.

    Marie Phelonise Leblanc d/o Sylvain/Marguerite Burk to Laurent Duguay s/o Michel/Rose Doiron 27 Sep 1887.

    Evangeline Leblanc d/o Pacifique/Marie-Anne Landry to Jude Doiron s/o Maximin/Rosalie Leblanc 6 Feb 1888.

    Vitaline Leblanc d/o Augustin/Euphemie Leblanc to Jean Landry s/o Joseph/Mathilde Gallant 7 May 1888.

    Jacques Leblanc s/o Étienne/Osithe Melançon to Martha Esther Ward, widow ofJohn Lawlor, 29 July 1888.

    Albani Leblanc s/o Martin/Justine Léger to Delphine Leblanc d/o Dosithé/Angele Brun 19 Aug 1888.

    François Leblanc s/o Hilaire/Marceline Leblanc to Sylvie Vienneau d/o David/Brigitte Caisie 3 Sep 1888.

    Julien Leblanc s/o Antoine/Eupheme Doiron to Mary J. Yonden d/o Thomas/Harriett Mugford 14 Nov 1888.

    Obeline Leblanc, widow of Sylvain Hébert, to Hyppolite Goguen s/o Thaddé/Julie Doiron 28 Nov 1888.

    Fabien Leblanc, widower of Marcelline Boudrault, to Marie Cormier, widow of David Hébert, 15 Jan 1889.

    Pierre Leblanc s/o Honoré/Osite Léger to Marie Gotreault d/o Samuel/Anny Butler 18 Feb 1889.

    Emilienne Leblanc d/o Louis/Jeanne Leblanc to Philippe Léger s/o Théophile/Euphemie Babineau 3 June 1889.

    Benoit Leblanc s/o Fidel/Marguerite Léger to Antoinette Leblanc d/o Laurent/Julie Bourque 30 June 1889.

    Martin Leblanc s/o Honoré/Osithe Léger to Antoinette Leblanc d/o ------ ?/Hannah Butler 14 Jul 1889.

    Maxime Leblanc, widower of Isabelle Bourque, to Nathalie Bourque d/o Joseph/Madeleine Doiron 16 Sep 1889.

    Marguerite Leblanc d/o André/Madeleine Bourque to Aimé Boudrault s/o Donat/Antoinette Boudrault 6 Oct 1889.

    Celina Leblanc d/o Martin/Justine Léger to Joseph Gaudet s/o François/Antoinette Léger 11 Feb 1890.

    Mathilde Leblanc d/o Jude/Isabelle Léger to Martin Doiron s/o André/Dauphine Landry 15 Apr 1890.

    Suzanne Leblanc d/o Maxim/Isabelle Bourque to Philippe Fagan s/o Alphée/Angélique Arsenault 21 Apr 1890.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Gabriel/Julienne Lirette to Françopis Léger s/o Pierre/Madeleine Brun 25 Nov 1890.

    Claire Leblanc d/o Dominique/Marie Melanson to Philias Bourque s/o Romain/LaBlanche Babinot 25 Nov 1890.

    Théodore Leblanc s/o Thaddé/Marguerite Landry to Philomène Richard d/o François/Marie Downing 27 Nov 1890.

    François Alexandre Leblanc d/o Georges P./Domitille Cormier to Domitille Vienneau d/o Israel/Susanne Bourque 11 May 1891.

    Maximin Leblanc s/o amand/Osithe Bourque to Barbe Brun d/o Marc/Anne Gaudet 5 Oct 1891.

    Jean Leblanc s/o Louis/Jeanne Leblanc to Lucie Richard d/o Benoni/Anne Brun 9 Nov 1891.

    Emilienne Leblanc d/o Theodore/Justine Belliveau to Thaddé Richard s/o Marcel/Marie Leblanc 7 Jan 1892.

    Marguerite Leblanc d/o Martin/Justine Léger to Thomas Ouellet s/o Thaddé/Modeste Melanson 12 Jan 1892.

    Julienne Leblanc d/o Laurent/Julie Bourque to François Leblanc s/o Jude/Isagelle Léger 22 Feb 1892.

    Philomène Leblanc d/o Luc/------? to Onésime Richard s/o Joseph/Osithe Cormier 13 May 1892.

    Emilienne Leblanc d/o Luc/Isabelle Bourgeois to Julien Brun s/o Nicolas/Barbe Léger 16 May 1892.

    Pascal Leblanc s/o Jude/Marceline Gotrault to Josephine Léger d/o Casimir/Rose Petitpas 29 Aug 1892.

    Albert Leblanc s/o Gabriel/Julienne Lirette to Angeline Drysdale d/o Timothé/Geneviève Landry 26 Sep 1892.

    Euphrosine Leblanc d/o Fidel/Marguerite Léger to Françopis Brun d/o Charles/Delphine Porell 20 Nov 1892.

    Alphée Leblanc s/o Théodore/Justine Bellivo to Christine Léger d/o Maximilien/Geneviève Richard 22 Nov 1892.

    Hilarion Leblanc s/o Celestin/Elisabeth Doucet to Sara Girouard d/o Antoine/Isabel Caissie 17 Jan 1893.

    Sarah Leblanc d/o Maximilien/Osithe Doiron to Philicien Doiron s/o Damien/Marie Léger 30 Apr 1893.

    Élizabeth Leblanc d/o Gabriel/Julienne Lirette to Stanislas Landry, widower of Julienne Bourque, 6 Aug 1893.

    Marie Blanche Leblanc d/o François/Susanne Leblanc to Damien Vienneau, widower of Marguerite Bourgeois, 13 Aug 1893.

    Marie Adèle Leblanc d/o Hypolite/Celina Caissie to Dosithé Gotrot s/o Clément/Charlotte Lirette 30 Oct 1893.

    Marie L. Leblanc d/o Dosithé/Bibianne Léger to Hypolite Richard s/o Benoni/Anne Brun 2 Apr 1894.

    Dosithé Leblanc, widower of Bibianne Leblanc, to Domitille Léger d/o David/Marie Cormier 11 June 1894.

    Julie Leblanc, widow of Thaddé Brun, to Eustache Melanson, widower of Celeste Leblanc, 8 July 1894.

    Olivier Leblanc s/o JudeA./Celeste Léger to Françoise Melanson d/o Moise/Kathleen Bourque 12 Aug 1894.

    Marguerite Leblanc, widow of Théophile Léger, to Abel Brun, widower of Henriette Leblanc, 8 Oct 1894.

    Anselm Leblanc s/o Dosithé/Angele Brun to Nathalie Leblanc d/o Moise/Marie Richard 26 Nov 1894.

    Zoel Leblanc s/o Benoni/Marguerite Caissie to Eulalie Léger d/o Laruent/Pélagie Cormier 9 Feb 1895.

    Phelonise Leblanc d/o Placide/Madeleine Duguay to Maximin Melanson s/o marcellin/Justine Melanson 7 Feb 1896.

    Thomas Leblanc s/o Honoré/Suzanne Lirette to Bibiane Bourque d/o Philippe/Justine Léger 23 Nov 1896.

    Marguerite Anne Leblanc d/o Anselm/Celina Doiron to Aimé Bourque s/o Ignace/Marguerite Doiron 5 Oct 1897.

    Alexander Leblanc, widower of Marie Richard of Sackville, to Marcelline Bourque d/o Ignace/Marguerite Doiron 5 Oct 1897.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Moise/Marie Richard to Benoni Richard s/o Thaddé/Henriette Leblanc 22 Nov 1897.

    Philippe Leblanc s/o Martin/Justine Léger to Emilie Anne Léger d/o Magloire/Emelie Boudreau 24 Nov 1897.

    Élizabeth Leblanc d/o Hyppolite/Céline Caissie to Thibault Babineau s/o Thibault/Euphrosine Thériault 9 Jan 1898.

    Marie Leblanc d/o Eustache/Philomène Bourque to Tilmond Landry s/o Ambroise/Lucienne Cormier 16 Jan 1898.

    Marie-Anne Leblanc d/o Martin/Justine Léger to Jacob Vienneau s/o Israel/Suzanne Bourke 13 Feb 1898.

    Benoit Leblanc s/o Placide/Madeleine Dudier to Suzanne Foret d/o Jean/Marie Léger 21 Feb 1898.

    Jacob J. Leblanc (parents omitted) to Nathalie Dudier (parents omitted) 17 Nov 1898.

    Alfred Leblanc s/o Ferdinand P./------? to Emerise Landry d/o Julien/------? 13 Feb 1899.

    Jean Albert Leblanc (parents omitted) to Marie Jeanne Landry (parents omitted) 10 Sep 1899.

    Melina Leblanc (parents omitted) to Raphael Cormier (parents omitted) 20 Apr 1899.

    elphred Leblanc (parents omitted) to Henrriette Leblanc (parents omitted) 19 Nov 1899.

  • SOURCE: Parish Registers of St-Timothée de Shemogue, New Brunswick.

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