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This church is located in Westmorland County
of New Brunswick.

These are some of the LeBlanc Marriages for St-Anselme 1832-1833 and 1848-1870. There were no marriages recorded from 1834-1847. Quite a few of these marriages did not list the parents and sometimes did not list the dispensation though there could have been one between some couples. When the listing is under the woman's name, it is possible that the parents and witnesses are listed under the groom's surname.

7 Feb 1865, Abraham Leblanc and Adeline Leblanc. No parents listed. Witnesses: Théophile LeBlanc/Marie-Anne Bourk/Bourque. Page 112 no. 007

6 Feb 1866, Aime LeBlanc married Cécile LeBlanc - no parents listed. Witnesses: Aime LeBlanc and Sylvie Bourgeois.

23 Nov 1866, Alexandre LeBlanc married Isabelle Bourk/Bourque - no parents listed. Witnesses: Jacques Bourgeois and Clothilde Vautour.

6 Feb 1866, Aimé Leblanc and Cécile Leblanc. Witnesses: Aimé LeBlanc/Sylvie Bourgeois.

6 Feb 1849, André LeBlanc s/o Augustin/Gertrude Bourg married Rosalie Leblanc d/o Jean/Marguerite Leblanc. Witnesses Augustin LeBlanc for the groom and Jean LeBlanc for the bride. 3/3 dispensation.

20 Jan 1856, Angelle Leblanc and Joseph Bourge.

11 Jan 1859, Angèle Leblanc and Thadée Léger.

18 Nov 1862, Angélique Leblanc of this parish and Julie Dupuis of Memramcook.

27 Sept 1853, Basile LeBlanc married Anne Bourgeois. No parents listed. Witnesses: Marc Bourgeois and Louise LeBlanc

3 Feb 1863, Calixte LeBlanc s/o Joseph and Angélique Gauvin married Marie Doiron d/o Jean and Marie Melanson. Witnesses: Jacques Doiron and Euphémie LeBlanc.

20 Feb 1832, David LeBlanc s/o Jean/Rosalie Bourk married Marie Bourk/Bourque d/o Rémi and Anne LeBlanc. Witnesses: none listed.

21 Jan 1865, Delphine Leblanc and Fleurion Richard.

2 Feb 1864, Dominique LeBlanc s/o Joseph and Angélique Gauvin married Louise Doiron d/o Jean Doiron and Marie Melanson. Witnesses: Jacques Doiron and Cécile LeBlanc.

26 Nov 1861, Donat Leblanc of Memramcook and Marceline Melançon of Scoudouc. Witnesses: Sylvain Pellerin/Adelaide LeBlanc. 3/3 dispensation of marriage.

13 Nov 1861, Dosithe Leblanc and Lucille Leblanc. Parents of Lucille: David and Marie Bourk. Witnesses: Philippe LeBlanc/Marceline LeBlanc. 4/4 dispensation.

20 Jan 1857, Émelie Leblanc and Jean Melançon.

12 Jan 1864, Eugene LeBlanc s/o of Placide/Anne dite Nannette Doiron; widower of Judith Bourk, married Vivienne Babin d/o deceased Moise and Rosalie LeBlanc. Witnesses: Ferdinand LeBlanc and Adelaide Babin.

2 Feb 1864, Euphémie LeBlanc d/o Joseph/Angélique Gauvin married Joseph Melançon s/o Frederick/Madeleine Doiron.

21 Nov 1865, Eustache LeBlanc married Cécile LeBlanc - no parents listed. Witnesses: Tranquille LeBlanc and Natalie Bourgeois.

10 Feb 1857, Ferdinand LeBlanc married Hélène LeBlanc. No parents listed nor dispensation though there must have been one. Witnesses: Florien LeBlanc and Honorine LeBlanc.

12 Nov 1867, Ferdinand Leblanc(2nd marriage) and Philomène Richard. No parents listed. Witnesses: Philippe Bourgeois/Élizabeth LeBlanc.

18 Aug 1861, Florien LeBlanc married Honorine LeBlanc. No parents. Witnesses: Venant Bourk and Patience LeBlanc. 2/2 dispensation.

28 Feb 1879, Hélène LeBlanc d/o David/Marie Bourque married Juste Bourgeois s/o Jean/Pélagie Bourque.

15 Jan 1861, Henriette Leblanc and Pierre Bourge, widower of Charlotte Desbarres, both of this parish.

15 Jan 1861, Jean LeBlanc married Domitille LeBlanc. No parents listed. Witnesses: Cyprien LeBlanc and Cécile LeBlanc. No dispensation listed but there must have been one.

12 Jan 1870, Joseph LeBlanc s/o Pierre/Marie Bourk(deceased) married Philomène Doiron d/o Paul(deceased)/Marguerite Melanson. Witnesses: Louis LeBlanc/Joseph Doiron.

22 Nov 1859, Joseph LeBlanc married Émilie LeBlanc. No parents and no dispensation listed. Witnesses: Joseph Dupuis and Claire LeBlanc.

30 Sep 1862, Jude Leblanc of Memramcook and Rosalie LeBlanc of Petitcoudiac. 4/4 dispensation. Witnesses: Venant Bourk/Cresence LeBlanc.

5 Feb 1833, Julie LeBlanc d/o Pierre/Anne Thibaudeau married Maximin Melançon s/o Eustache/Rosalie Bourk.

11 Feb 1862, Julie Leblanc of this parish and Divin Léger of Memramcook.

10 Feb 1852, Justine Leblanc and Laurent Melanson both of Petitcoudiac. No parents listed.

20 Jan 1856, Léon Leblanc and Anastasie LeBlanc. Witnesses: Marcel LeBlanc/Domitille LeBlanc.

6 Feb 1866, Marcelline Leblanc and Marc Léger.

2 Feb 1864, Marguerite Leblanc, daughter of Raphaël Leblanc and Marie Holmes married Étienne Bourgeois son of Hilarion Bourgeois and Marie Doiron.

8 Jan 1861, Marguerite Leblanc of Petitcoudiac and Laurent Comeau of Scoudouc.

30 Sep 1862, Marguerite Leblanc of Petitcoudiac and Joseph Lirette of Cocagne.

10 Feb 1852, Marie Leblanc and Amable Gauvin. No parents listed.

7 Jan 1863, Marie Leblanc and Antoine Vautour, both of this parish.

29 Jan 1867, Marguerite Leblanc and Laurent Melançon.

20 Jan 1856, Mathilde Leblanc and Hippolyte Bourg.

20 Jan 1853, Maximin LeBlanc (widower of Judith Bourk) s/o Firmin/Ludivine Dupuis married Marie Gauvin d/o Louis Jérôme/Louise Doiron. Witnesses: Louis Leblanc/Domitille LeBlanc.

27 Sep 1853, Maximin Leblanc and Marie Gautrot, both of this parish.

13 Nov 1865, Michel Leblanc and Domitille Gauvin. No parents listed. Witnesses: Philippe LeBlanc/Susanne Gauvin.

16 Aug 1859, Obéline Leblanc and Alexandre Boudrot.

29 Oct 1866, Patience Leblanc (White) and Dominique Gauvin.

10 Feb 1863, Philippe LeBlanc and Sylvie Bourque, both of this parish. No parents listed. Witnesses: Raphael Gaudet/Patience LeBlanc. 3/3 dispensation.

9 Oct 1866, Philippe LeBlanc and Susanne Gauvin. No parents listed. Witnesses: Ferdinand LeBlanc/Rosalie Gauvin.

28 Feb 1870, Philomène Leblanc, daughter of Thadée/Henriette Bourque married Théophile Leblanc, son of Moïse Leblanc and Osithe Thibodeau. Witnesses: Jude LeBlanc/Thaddé LeBlanc, brother of Philomène. Dispensation 3/3.

29 Oct 1865, Philomène Leblanc and Philippe Godet.

12 May 1857, Rose Leblanc and Onésime Godet.

4 Oct 1859, Simon Leblanc and Obéline Gautreau. No parents listed. Witnesses: Maurice Thibodeau/Marie LeBlanc.

9 feb 1858, Thaddée Leblanc and Marguerite Gauvin. No parents listed. Witnesses: Simon LeBlanc/Emilie LeBlanc.

30 October 1861, Thaddée Leblanc of Memramcook and Louise LeBlanc of Petitcoudiac. Noparents listed nor was a dispensation noted though there must have been one. Witnesses: Dominique LeBlanc/Bibianne Dupuis.

26 Jan 1864, Théophile LeBlanc s/o Benoni/Marie Landry(deceased) married Philomène Bourgeois d/o Laurent/Marie Melanson. Witnesses: Simon Laurent Bourgeois and Marie LeBlanc.

28 Feb 1870, Théophile LeBlanc s/o Moïse/Osithe Thibodeau married Philomène Leblanc d/o Thadée/Henriette Bourque. Witnesses: Jude LeBlanc, cousin of Théophile and Thaddé LeBlanc, brother of Philomène. Dispensation 3/3.

8 Jan 1867, Tranquille Leblanc and Rufine Gauvin. No parents listed. Witnesses: Alfred LeBlanc/Sylvie LeBlanc.

SOURCE: Parish records of St-Anselme, Westmorland County, New Brunswick.

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