Miscellaneous Acadian Marriages from the Baie-des-Chaleurs Region of Québec and New Brunswick

Ste-Anne-de-Restigouche, Québec

5 Nov 1759 Joseph Bourgeois s/o Paul and Anne Brin(Breau) married Marie Girouard d/o Ami-Laurot(Amireau) and Madeleine Vincent. She was a widow at the time of this marriage.

12 Nov 1759 Amand Hebert, widow of Magdeleine Richard s/o of Jean and Magdeleline Dugas, married Marie Poirier d/o Pierre and Louise Quesci/Caissie - Amand was from Beaubassin.

19 Nov 1759 Jean Arseno, son of deceased Charles and deceased Françoise Mirande of Beaubassin, married Elizabeth Bujeau/Bujold, daughter of deceased Joseph and Marie-Josephe Landry from St-Louis, Ile St-Jean(Prince Edward Island).

26 Nov 1759 Michel Nuirat s/o Jean and Marie Bourgeois of Beaubassin married Marguerite Aucoin d/o Pierre and Marie Dupuis of Beaubassin

26 November 1759 Rene Landry s/o Alexandre and Anne Flin of Assomption parish at Mines married Magdeleine Boudrot d/o deceased Jean and deceased Catherine Brosseau of Ste-Famille, Mines

21 Jan 1760 Paul Godet(Gaudet) s/o Augustin and Agnes Chiasson of Ste-Anne (in Acadia) married Marie Bourque d/o François and Marie Bellivo(Belliveau) of Ste-Anne

21 Jan 1760 Pierre Brin(Brun) s/o Charles and Anne Quesci(Caissie) of Beaubassin married Theodora Boudreau d/o deceased Jean and Cahterine Brosseau(Brassaud) of St-Louis, Ile-St-Jean

2 June 1760 Salvator Como s/o François and Marie Lanri(Landry) of Petitcoudiac married Anastasie Bellivo/Belliveau d/o Jean and Magdeleine Gaudet of St-Laurent, Port-Royal

2 June 1760 Cyprien Dupuis s/o of deceased Pierre and deceased Jeanne Richard married Françoise Prejean d/o Jean-Baptiste and Marie Gaudet of St-Laurent, Port-Royal

5 Feb 1760 Louis-Charles Babino/Babineau s/o Clement and Renée Bourque of St-Laurent, Port-Royal married Anne Guillebeau d/o Joseph and Magdeleine Michel of St-Laurent, Port-Royal

28 July 1760 Pierre Arsenault s/o Charles and Marguerite Poirier of Restigouche married Theotiste Bourgeois d/o Joseph and Marie Sire of Restigouche

page 46 of the register

28 July 1760 Jean-Baptiste Pitre widower of Elisabeth Robichot/Robichaud married Marguerite Arseno d/o Pierre and Marguerite Cormier of Restigouche

28 July 1760 Charles Robichot/Robichaud widower of Marguerite Blanchard, married Marie Pitre d/o Jean and Judith Theriot of Restigouche

10 Nov 1760 Laurent Soly s/o Manuel and Catherine Garier of Marguine, Spain married Téodose Giroire/Girouard d/o Paul and Marie Tibodo of Cobequid

10 Nov 1760 Marcel LeBlanc s/o Jacques and Marie-Josèphe Foret/Forest of Piziquid married Marie-Josèphe Brau/Breau d/o Joseph and Ursule Bourg/Bourque of Cobequid

10 Nov 1760 Jacques-Antoine Rauche s/o of Jacques-Antoine and Marie Sinei of St-Roc, Lomer, France married Married Marie Vincent d/o of --- and Anne Comeau of Petitcoudiac

10 Nov 1760 Guillaume Girau/Giroux s/o Louis-Castigne and Marie Lavigne of St-Andre-de-Bordeaux, France married Anne Comau/Comeau d/o Pierre Vincent and Marguerite Pitre of Petitcoudiac

7 Jan 1761 Jean-Pierre Melancon s/o Pierre and Rose Blanchard of St-Charles-des-Mines married Anne Haché d/o Charles and Geneviève Lavergne of St-Louis, Ile St-Jean/PEI

7 Jan 1761 Charles Savoye/Savoie s/o Francois and Marie Richard of Chipoudi, married Judith Arseno/Arsenault d/o Claude and Marguerite Richard of Molpecq

25 January 1761 Michel Bernard s/o Jean-Baptiste and Cecile Gaudet of Beaubassin married Marie Guillebeau d/o Joseph and Magdeleine Michel of Port-Royal 25 Jan 1761 Michel Bourgeois s/o Michel and Marguerite Giroire/Girouard of Beaubassin married Marie Haché d/o Jean and Marguerite Gravois

1 Feb 1761 Athanase Brau/Breau s/o Ambroise and Marie Michel of Chipoudy married Marie LeBlanc d/o Joseph and Isabelle Gaudet of Port-Royal

4 May 1761 Francois Duge(Dugas) s/o Irené and Marguerite LeBreton of Ste-Famille married Magdeleine Chapadeau d/o Joannis and Cahterine Larocque of Ste-Famille

5 May 1761 Joseph Bonnevie s/o Jacques and Marguerite Lord of Beaubassin married Marguerite Haché d/o Michel and Marguerite Gravoy/Gravois of Beaubassin

page 47 of the register:

7 Jan 1761 Abraham Poirier s/o Michel and Magdeleine Brougeois of Beaubassin married Agnès Belliveau d/o Charles and Marie Melancon of Port-Royal

7 Jan. 1761 Jacques Tardif s/o François and Marie Tardif of St-Michel married Anne Haché d/o Jean and Marguerite Gravois

10 -- 1761 Jean Gousmont(Guzman?) s/o Jean and Marie Granielle of St-Nicolas, évêché d'Andoulousie married Rac--- Bonnevie d/o Jacques and deceased Marguerite Lore(Lord) of St-Antoine

6 Jan 1761 Joseph Langlois s/o François and Magdeleine Comeau of Port-Toulouse (now St. Peters, Cape Breton) married Henriette Arseno/Arsenault d/o Pierre and Marguerite Cormier of Malpèque

7 Jan 1761 Joseph Boudreau d/o Anselme and Marguerite Gaudet of Beaubassin married Jeanne-Marie Haché d/o Jacques and Josette Boudrau(Boudreau) of Ile St-Jean(PEI)

A complete list of Restigouche marriages from 1842 to 1867, and baptisms can be found at Irene Doyle's site is chuck full of information for the Baie-des-Chaleurs area. Irene is also the GenWeb webmaster for Restigouche and Gloucester Counties.

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