Prince Edward Island

Originally Ile St-Jean

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada. It is one of the Maritime provinces (along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) and one of the Atlantic provinces (the Maritimes plus Newfoundland and Labrador).

The island resembles a crescent, and it lies in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence between 15 and 32 km (9 and 20 mi) from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia across Northumberland Strait.

The provincial capital and largest city is Charlottetown. The province is named for Edward Augustus, duke of Kent and Strathern, a son of George III of Great Britain.

Many of the islanders are farmers, carrying on a mixed livestock and crop agriculture. The fact that almost one million acres, or nearly three-fourths of the island, was once farmland has given it the nicknames of the Million-Acre Farm and the Garden of the Gulf. Potatoes are a major crop.

Prince Edward Island

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