Memorial Church of Grand-Pré
Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia, Canada

This Church is a Memorial to the men and boys who were read the Deportation Order on September 5th, 1755 and held prisoners for one month until the ships that would deport and scatter these families arrived. The Order had been decided upon by Governor Lawrence, Lieutenant Governor of Acadia stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Governor Lawrence believed that the Acadians were a threat to the British. However, the Acadians had no such intentions and were very peace loving and hard working people. Though the Acadians had signed Allegiance to the British Crown that had promised they would never have to bear arms against France ~ the land of their birth ~ Governor Lawrence ordered them to take up arms against France for the British. When the Acadians refused, the Order of Deportation was prepared and given by John Winslow. At the same time the Order was being read Governor Lawrence took prisoners those men who had gone to meet with him in Halifax and who had been chosen as representatives by their Acadian families and neighbors. Some of the men and boys imprisoned in the Church that day, would never see their families again.

In the forefront is the statue of Evangeline.

Photo taken by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino

© Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
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