deportation cross Lucie

A closeup of the Deportation Cross.

This Cross referred to as the Deportation Cross, was erected in 1924 as a memorial to the Acadians deported from this spot. The inscription on it reads "The dry bed of the creek which is in sight, a few paces in the marsh is the spt where the VICTIMS OF THE EXPULSION OF THE ACADIANS OF 1755 were embarked on the small boats to be rowed over to the transports lying at anchor in Minas Basin." Two thousand Acadians were deported from this site.

Deportation Cross in the meadow

A view of the Deportation Cross when situated near land owned by a local farmer. It was necessary to cross his land to safely visit the cross up close. At some point he did not want people crossing his land at all. During CMA 2004, this farmer charged Acadian descendants a fee to visit the cross. His father had promised to donate that portion of his land to the Grand-Pré Société Historique but he passed away before so doing. In 2005, the cross was moved on land belonging to the Grand Pré Historic Site. This is land now believed to be the exact spot where the Acadians waited for the ships to deport them. [The said farmer wanted to charge a good sum of money for people to be able to cross his land to remove the cross. The railroad company that still owns the land where the cross was located provided a railroad cart, went to the site with the workers, and the cross was moved to its rightful place at Horton's Landing.]

Deportation cross with flag

It was in 2004 that the railroad company made an agreement with Parks Canada that the cross could soon to land belonging to the Grand Pré Historic Site.

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