It is my hope that all who come to this web site will observe the Genealogists Rules of Netiquette as explained below. I have become very concerned about this because recently I received a phone call from an individual who told me he would use my pages whether or not I give him permission. This is a concern for all genealogists given the many hours of research and work we do. Thank you for your cooperation! [There are Internet Copyright laws and taking with asking is like stealing.]

AN ADDED NOTE: It was quite disheartening recently to visit some new genealogy web sites that had some of my information and some of the midis that I use - some of the midis were created specifically for my web site. Thank you to those of you who asked for permission - I rarely refuse.


A great many hours of research and posting of materials has gone into this site. It is anticipated that all who use any of the postings will respect the rules of genealogy netiquette".

The data on this web site is the result of my own long-term research effort as well as that of other researchers . When the material is from other researchers it is so noted and an appropriate link has been placed on that page.

Any individuals wishing to contribute information to this web site may do so as long as they agree that I post their email address as a reference should anyone viewing the data have questions.


If you are planning to publish any material from my web site, you must really inform me as to precisely what material you plan to use - this is very important as some information may be copyrighted by others.

I have posted a copyright on what I have written or re-written, as well as on some graphics, backgrounds that I have created and family photos. Too, there are copyrights on my family's personal information. Most other information comes from public records but I have had to travel to research and verify them. Other work done such as input, graphics, etc., shared from other researchers could be copyrighted so you should check when there is a link giving credit to another researcher's site before posting to your site.

All information is posted for the use of individuals who are also conducting their own personal genealogical research. For visitors who have web sites of their own, it has never been my intent that there should be "mirror sites" to my own web site. If I wanted a mirror site, I would build my own . So it is very important that you ask my permission for tidbits you find interesting and would like to use. If permission as granted, I ask is that you kindly link back to this web site with the appropriate link/credit using the following graphic:

All other researchers, may well be given permission to use some of the research found here but only if promising to not build a web site where this would be posted. Moreover, I do appreciate hearing what has enhanced your research. I also think that it would be appropriate that the usual credits be given this site when using any of the information, by listing my name, e-mail address, and the address of this Web Site.

Please do not take lightly the copyrights webmasters have placed on their web site. When I first began working on the Internet, I didn't notice the copyrights at the bottom of pages nor did I realize how important they were in this medium. Though genealogy is, in general, public domain information, it should be noted that what most webmasters lay claim to in posting copyrights is the work they do in re-creating the history or data they find or how they display their information. I have learned a valuable lesson that I hope everybody who reads this will learn and respect.

Finally, as genealogy researchers, we all must respect the privacy of the living that some webmasters might choose to display and consequently that information should never be taken for the purpose of displaying elsewhere without discussing this with the webmaster. This is genealogy research netiquette. In no instance should any of this information be taken for commercial use.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home
1998 - Present

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