Ste-Anne de Kent

Kent County, New Brunswick

On June 29, 2005, a Wednesday afternoon, residents watched in shock as their 138 year old church filled with valuable Acadian art burned to the ground after being struck by lightning.

Witnesses said they saw a bolt strike the spire during a brief storm. A few minutes later smoke and then flames began to shoot from the roof . About 75 people formed a human chain to pass some statues, three small altars and other relics from inside before the building was engulfed.

The gothic-style building, described as the village's pride and joy, collapsed shortly after dozens of firefighters from across the county arrived.

Seventy-two paintings, most by local artist Edouard Gautreau, were also destroyed in the blaze, as was an Italian-made chandelier.

We do not have a photo of Ste-Anne-de-Kent to post at this time but want to spread the word of this sad event as a piece of our heritage has certainly been lost.

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