Census of the Lands Owned by the Sr. Damours' on the River St Jean in Acadia

The land of Jemsce [Jemseg] in which the Sr. Damours Deschofour [de Chauffours] is seigneur:

        Le Sr. Deschofour [de Chauffours], his wife, one girl; six servants of whom 5 are over 15 years of age and one is under 15, one maid; one house, one barn, one animal shed; 22 cattle, 50 hogs, 150 chickens; 2 guns, 2 espees; sixty five arpents of cultivated land of which 30 arpents are enclosed and 30 arpents are prairie. 1694 Harvest: 80 minots of wheat, 100 minots of peas, 30 minots of corn, 100 minots of oats.

The land of Freneuse in which the Sr. Damours de Freneuse is seigneur:

        Le Sr. de Freneuse, his wife, 4 children less than 15 years old, 2 servants older than 15, one maid; one house and a barn, one animal shelter, 30 arpents of enclosed cultivated land, 40 arpents of prairie, 10 cows, 40 hogs, 86 chickens, 2 guns, two espees. 1694 harvest: 50 minots of wheat, 40 minots of peas. 120 minots of corn, 12 minots of oats.

        Inhabitants of this land: 6 heads of family, 3 women, 6 children less than 15 years old; 2 houses, 14 arpents of cultivated land, 7 hogs, 36 chickens, 2 guns, 1 espee. 1694 harvest: 8 minots of peas, 60 minots of corn.

The land of Medoclec in which the Sr. de Clignancour is seigneur:

        Le Sr. de Clignancour, 1 house, 15 arpents of cultivated land.

The land of Naxouat in which the Sr. de Dechofour [de Chauffours] is seigneur where the fort commanded by Mr. de Villebon is located:

        Le Sr. Dechofour [de Chauffours] has one house, 30 arpent of cultivated land, a mill has been started by the Sr. Dechofort [de Chauffours] and the Sr. de Freneuse.

        Le Sr. de Clignancour resides on this land where he has: his wife, 2 small children, 2 servants less than 50 years of age, one house and a barn, 3 cattle, 12 hogs, 60 chickens, 3 rifles and an espee. Harvest: 80 minots of corn, 16 minots of peas, 13 minots of beans.

        Inhabitants of the settlement of Naxouat: one man, one woman, 2 children, 2 servants; one house, one barn, one animal shelter, 3 cattle, 7 hogs, 30 chicken, 12 arpents of cultivated land, 3 arpents of prairie. 1694 harvest: 80 minots of corn, and 6 minots of peas.

                                                                                                The 6th of November 1695


The original census can be found on microfilm C-2572 of the National Archives of Canada. This census was transcribed by Charles Trahan and corrections to some of the names were made by this webmaster.

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