Caraquet, New Brunswick

In March of 1769, George Walker, magistrate of Nipisiguit, Bathurst in Gloucester County, granted Alexis Landry permission to settle at Caraquet. According to the registers of 1779, Charles Poirier came next to settle here. Thus it is that there is documented proof that these first two settlers were in Caraquet in 1769.

Belief has been that the number of settlers grew rapidly from this time on because the Acadians had been officially authorized, through royal proclamation, to return to their original homeland of Acadie so as to take posession of unocuppied lands. Thus, the colonization of Caraquet quietly proceded.

In 1784, the governor of Nova Scotia, conceded 14 150 acre lots of land to 34 families who for the most part descended from the first inhabitants of Caraquet. These are:

  • Louis Lanteigne
  • Olivier Lgre (Lger)
  • Olivier Blanchard
  • Zacharie Doiron
  • Jacques Morret (Morais)
  • Franois Gionest (Gionet)
  • Pierre Frigaux (Frigault)
  • Henri Chenard
  • Gabriel Albert
  • Charles Poirier
  • Michel Paris
  • Jean-Bpatiste Paulin
  • Louis Brideau
  • Pierre Thibodeau
  • Jean Cormier
  • Joseph Dugas
  • Pierre Landru
  • Anselme Landry
  • Joseph Chiasson
  • Ren Hach dit Gallant
  • Ren Boutillier
  • Louis Mailloux
  • Alexis Cormier
  • Thadde Landry
  • Alexis Landry
  • Joseph Boudreau
  • Pierre Gallien
  • Adrien Gallien
  • Charles Gauvin
  • Veuve Giroux
  • Veuve Boulet
  • Franois Landry
  • Rmi Landry
  • Pierre Albert

  • The following baptisms were accessed from the Caraquet Parish registers:


    Olivier, born the twentieth of June in wedlock to Charles LeBlanc and Marie Breau. The godfather was Franois Arseneau, and the godmother Anne Bastarache. Neither the parents nor the godparents knew how to sign their names.

    Pierre, fourth child born in wedlock to Joseph Bastarache and Marie Girouard. The godfather was Franois LeBlanc, and the godmother Rosalie LeBlanc. Neither the parents nor the godparents knew how to sign their names.

    Isabelle, born the eighth of May, 1794, in wedlock to Charles LeBlanc and Marie Breau; the godfather was Raphal Poirier, son of Gdac, and the godmother Hlne Breau. Neither the parents nor the godparents knew how to sign their names.

    Recorded in Bouctouche on the date inscribed above, J. Castanet, missionary, Baye des Chaleurs.

    The children of Isidore Bastarache (son of Pierre) and Rosalie LeBlanc:

    Andr, m. Anne LeBlanc (daughter of Joseph).

    Athanase, m. Apolonie LeBlanc (daughter of Charles).

    Thadde, m. Marguerite Allain (first wife), and Genevive Thibodeau (second wife).

    Michel, m. Marie Saulnier (daughter of Pierre) on September 11, 1820.

    Marie, m. Paul LeBlanc (son of Joseph).

    Marguerite, m. Franois Saulnier (son of Pierre).

    Gertrude, m. Michel Allain (son of Jean-Baptiste).

    Apollonie, m. Tanis Collet (son of Julien).

    The family of Joseph Bastarache (son of Pierre) and Anne Girouard, also known as Bistet, included the following children:

    Anne, wife of Eloi LeBlanc (son of Joseph).

    Placide, husband of Blanche Allain (daughter of Benjamin).

    Modeste, wife of Blonie Allain (son of Benjamin).

    Agns, wife of Joseph Mazerolle (son of Paul), Bay of Winds.

    Adlaide, wife of Bloni Savoie (son of Jean).

    Mose, husband of Marguerite Allain (daughter of Louis).

    Marie-Rose, wife of Olivier LeBlanc (son of Charles).

    Marguerite, spinster.

    Pierre, husband of Marie Allain.

    Natalie, wife of Jrme Meunier, Bouctouche.

    Brigitte, wife of Simon LeBlanc (son of Charles).

    Thomas, husband of Marie Cormier (daughter of Michel) of Bouctouche.

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