THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT!! The author has given permission to the Acadian Ancestral Home to post it on this website. Stay tuned!

The Acadians Before 1755 by Régis Brun published in French in 2003 was a best seller. This is a great book that all Acadian researchers will want as part of their collection.

Great books can be ordered from:

Grand-Pré Historic site BOUTIQUE

The following genealogy dictionaries, books and registers are highly recommended:

The Dictionnaire Genealogique des familles acadiennes by Stephen A. White is presently
******SOLD OUT******
everywhere! When the reprint is available it will be posted here. Thank you!

Stephen White NOTE: As of August 2006, Moncton University and the Centre d'études acadiennes sold its last copies of the Dictionnaire referred to as DGFA-1.

A new edition of the DGFA-1will appear in the near future.

Copies of the English Supplement are still available from all three sources. The English Supplement is not a stand alone edition. It is a complement to the DGFA-1 and contains an english translation of the Biographical and Historical Notes found in the two volumes of the Dictionnaire.

1636 to 1714


English Supplement is now in print!

The english supplement to the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes by Stephen A. White

The English Supplement is the translation of all the biographical and explanatory notes, as well as the front matter of the first part of the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes. This translation will make all the whole contents of this work readily accessible to English-speaking readers. Note that the Dictionnaire généalogique already contains a bilingual key to all its abbreviations.


Stephen White has been working on the Dictionnaire for almost 30 years. An Acadian LeBlanc descendant, he told me that his great-grandfather Simon-Pierre LeBlanc was a captain without a ship of his own when he moved his family to Massachusetts and changed his name to Simon Peter White.

Stephen White is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He was practicing law in Boston, Massachusetts when invited to work at Moncton University's Centre Acadian.




By Régis Brun

An excellent book that I have long searched for containing not only the history of the Acadians prior to 1755 but the names of those Ancestors who pioneered the various village and so much more.

By William (Bill) Geroir Giroir Book

Acadian Awakenings is a series of books containing five volumes.

The author has given a series of well received workshops on his Master Chart genealogy methodology used in this book, including a session at Grand Pré National Park during Acadian Days, 2001, as well as a follow up workshops at the West Pubnico Acadian Museum, for the families in the Pubnico region and also for a number of other Acadian families in the south, central and northern part of the province of Nova Scotia.

Bill was a member of the Board of Directors for the CMA 2004 in Nova Scotia, and has been very much interested in promoting the international links of all Acadian families, an objective which has been part of the mission statement of the World Congress of Acadians since its origin – i.e. to build international links for all Acadian families.

More information and to order: CLICK HERE

(History of the Family of Michel Boudrot)
By Stephen A. White Boudreau book

This book prepared by Stephen A. White, well known Genealogist at the Centre d'études acadiennes at Moncton University, is a "must have" for every serious Acadian researcher. There are not many Acadians who do not have some Boudreau Ancestors in their lineage.

To purchase this book, please go to the Boudreau Family Association site.

By Barbara Le Blanc Postcards from Acadie is about Grand-Pré, Evangeline and the Acadian Identity
Publisher: Gaspereau Press
Non-fiction / Acadian Studies / Canadian History

More information and to order CLICK HERE

Melanson ~ Melançon
The Genealogy of an Acadian and Cajun Family
By Michael B. Melanson

Ten years in the making, Melanson ~ Melançon: The Genealogy of an Acadian and Cajun Family is finally here!

More information and to order: CLICK HERE


THE MELANSON STORY By Margaret C. Melanson

Preface by Stephen A. White.

This well-researched book presents the history of the Melanson family. In addition, it provides a history of Acadia from its first French settlement in 1604, through the Acadian deportation and its aftermath.

For more information and to order: CLICK HERE

By Lise Fournier Ausman

The descendants of Daniel LeBlanc (1626-circa 1695/98) and Nicolas Estiembre (1683-1747) to Paul Ausman (1991-) & Christine Ausman (1993-) (Arsenault/Arseneault, Bernier, Cyr, Esquiambre/Essiambre/Essiembre/Estiembre dit Sansfaçon, Fournier, Gignac, LeBlanc, Leclerc dit Francoeur, Levasseur, Major, Miville-Deschênes, Normandeau, Thériault, White) For more information and to order CLICK HERE

Georges Arsenault

Books and Articles by Georges Arsenault

The Island Acadians: 1720-1980. Translated by Sally Ross. Charlottetown, Ragweed Press, 1989.

This book deals with the general history of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island. It covers many themes including settlement, economy, politics, education, religion and the French language. Winner of the 1988 Prix France-Acadie and Prix Champlain and recipient of a 1989 Regional History Award of the Canadian Historical Association for the original French text.

For more information on the many books Georges has written and to order CLICK HERE.

Campbellton, New Brunswick and its Families ~ A Walk Through Time

Adding family history, genealogy, and local history to her collection of about 600 old pictures of the area, - dating as far back as 1869 - Irene Doyle has put together the first of a series of books.

These books will be sold as a fundraiser for the Campbellton Community Access Center (Internet and Computers) and will sell at a low cost per issue, depending on the cost of printing.

Two books are now on sale. If interested in purchasing one of these books, please email Irene Doyle at


The following Parish Registers from Westmorland & Kent Counties, New Brunswick, have been transcribed from the original French and Latin languages and compiled into books in the English language. Approximately 98% of these records are of Acadian descendants. For the most part, Irish/Scottish/English names included only when married into Acadian families.

Shemogue/Cap-Pelé - 1812 - 1899
Memramcook - 1806 - 1870
Barachois & St. Anselme 1812 - 1870 [two registers]
Grand Digue & Scoudouc 1800 - 1875 [two registers]
Bouctouche - 1800-1870

To order or for more information, contact Lois LeBlanc Graham ( - It has become impossible to contact Lois. Should anyhow know how to get in touch with her please advise so the information can be posted. Her transcriptions are great research tools.

Le Grand Petcoudiac - Histoire des Trois-Rivières by Paul Surette
Edition Ville de Dieppe

Joseph Dugas 1735-1823 - Premier colon de Clare/First Settler of Clare by J.-Alphonse Deveau
ISBN/ISSN 0-9690866-0-12

How the Acadians Came to Maine by Lawrence A. Violette

Robert Lévesque and His Era 1642-1699 by Ulric Lévesque
ISBN 0-9685826-0-5 - Lévesque Association 748 Irvine Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3A 3E7

Chéticamp - History and Acadian Traditions by Father Anselme Chiasson
ISBN 1-895415-29-2

De Nantes à Louisiane by Gérard-Marc Braud
ISBN 2-9808261-73-1

History of The Acadians by Bona Arsenault
ISBN 2-7621-1745-3

Les Parlers Français D'Acadie by Geneviève Massignon
(If you can find a copy - no longer in print!)

Beloved Acadia of My Ancestors by Yvon Léger
ISBN 2-89372-017-X

Acadia of The Maritimes edited by Jean Daigle
ISBN 2-921166-08-9

Les Familles de Caraquet by Fidèle Thériault
ISBN 0-9692151-0-X

Contexts of Acadian History as well as many other Acadian books may be purchased on
The Contexts of Acadian History, 1686-1784, Naomi E.S. Griffiths. Copyright © 1992, ISBN 0-7735-0883-x (cloth) ISBN 0-7735-0886-4 (paper)

Jetté Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles du Québec.
Excellent genealogy resource for French Canadian ancestors who settled in Québec province.

The Mormon [LDS] research libraries are very good as long as you request records such as vitals, parish registers and census records for New Brunwick and Québec. Use of *contributed* Acadian data should be discouraged at this time as many errors exist in databases that researchers have contributed who based all of their research on Bona Arsenault's genealogy work. There are many errors in Bona's work and his work cannot be used without verifying with other sources to validate the information.

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