Bernard Daigle and Marie Bourque

Jean Gaudet, widower of Jeanne Henry

Jean Doiron and Marie Trahan

Nicolas Barrilot and Martine Hébert

Ernest Rivest and Marie Comeau


Antoine Leblanc and Marie Bourgeois

Étienne Hébert and Jeanne Comeau

Philippe Pinet and Catherine Hébert

Claude Landry and Catherine Thibodeau

Claude Boudreau and Anne-Marie Thibodeau

Jean Hébert and Anne Doucet


Claude Gautreau and Marie Thériault

Martin Dupuis and Marie Landry

Michel Hébert and Isabelle Pellerin


André LeBlanc and Marie Dugas

Germain Thériault and Anne Richard

Vincent Longuépée and Madeleine Rimbault

François Rimbault and Marie Babin

Louis Labauve and Marie Rimbault

Charles Babin and Madeleine Richard

Vincent Babin and Anne Thériault

René LeBlanc and Anne Bourgeois

Jean Doucet and Françoise Blanchard

Pierre Richard and Marguerite Landry

Pierre Granger and Isabelle Guilbeau

Michel Vincent and Marie Richard

Pierre Melanson and Marguerite Mius

Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hébert

Jean Landry and Cécile Melanson

Guillaume Trahan and Jacqueline Benoit

Alexandre Trahan and Marie Pellerin

Michel Forest and Marie Petitpas

Pierre Forest and Cécile Richard


Pierre Thériault and Cécile Landry

Germain Thériault and Anne Pellerin

Jean Comeau and Catherine Babin

Charles Boudreau and Marie Corporon

Jean Thériault and Jeanne Landry

Martin Aucoin and Marie Gaudete


Jean Trahan and Marie Boudreau

François Lapierre and Perrine Rimbault

Louis Saulnier and Louise Pelletier

Unknown Villages

Robert Henri and Madeleine Godin

Antoine Greau and Marguerite Babin

Pierre Thibodeau and Anne Richard

Guillaume Lejeuge and Marie Mercier

Gabriel Chiasson and Marie Savoie

Jacques Corne (Carne) and Marie Grilard

Widow Marguerite Hébert

Widow Joseph Prétieux

Credit & Source: Les Acadiens Avant 1755 By Regis Brun,
University of Moncton, Moncton, New Brunswick.
This book is advertised in the book section and may be purchased directly from Mr. Brun.

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