Arrival of the Acadians in Maryland
By Robert Dafford

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Four ships deported the Acadians to Maryland. On October 22, 1755 the Sloop Dolphin left Pisiquid and arrived on November 20, 1755 with 230 Acadians aboard.

The Sloop Elizabeth left Grand Pré on date unknown arriving in Maryland on November 20, 1755 with 242 Acadians aboard.

The Schooner Leopard left Grand Pré on October 27, 1755 arriving in Maryland on November 30, 1755 with 178 Acadians aboard.

The Sloop Ranger left Pisiquid on October 27, 1755 arriving in Maryland on November 30, 1755 with 263 Acadians aboard.


The information has been written exactly as it was recorded.

Michel DAVID, Genevieve DAVID his wife, Anne DAVID, Michel DAVID, Joseph DAVID, Marie DAVID, Paul DAVID, Jean DAVID, Claude DAVID, Magdelaine DAVID

Louis DECHAMP, Marie DECHAMP his wife, Marie DECHAMP

Osite FOREST widow, Marie FOREST

Alexandre MELANSON, Osite MELANSON his wife, Jean MELANSON, Magdeleine MELANSON, Jacque MELANSON, Joseph MELANSON, Etienne MELANSON, Paul MELANSON

Pierre GRANGER, Frausine GRANGER his wife, Anne GRANGER, Marie GRANGER, Joseph GRANGER, Jean Baptiste GRANGER, Pierre GRANGER, Claude GRANGER.

François LUCAS, Anne LUCAS, his wife, Rose LUCAS, Marie LUCAS, Margueritte LUCAS. (I believe this could be the DUGAS family)

Marguerite MELANSON, widow; Magdelaine MELANSON, Elizabette MELANSON, Margueritte MELANSON.

Magdelaine MELANSON, widow, Honoré MELANSON, Charle MELANSON, Marie MELANSON, Elizabette MELANSON.

Pierre LEBLANC, Osite LEBLANC, his wife, Isaac LEBLANC, Zozinne LEBLANC.

Paul MELANSON, Marie MELANSON his wife, Marie Magdelaine MELANSON, Jean MELANSON, Anne MELANSON, Paul MELANSON.


Pierre DOULIARD, widower, Marie Josette DOULIARD, Margueritte DOULIARD.

Charle TIBODOT, widower, Cé TIBODOT, Anne TIBODOT, Pierre TIBODOT, Osite TIBODOT, Magdelaine TIBODOT, Jean Baptiste TIBODOT.



Saint GERMAIN, Cécile GERMAIN his wife, Jean Baptiste GERMAIN, Marie GERMAIN, Rose GERMAIN, Magdelaine GERMAIN.

Marie MAFFIER (MASSIER intended?), widow, Joseph MAFFIER, René MAFFIER.

Jean MAFFIER, Anne MAFFIER his wife.

Guillaume EBERT, Marie Josette EBERT his wife, François EBERT, Lablance EBERT, Aimable EBERT. (HEBERT family)

Charle TRAHAN, Margueritte TRAHAN his wife, Margueritte TRAHAN, Brigitte TRAHAN.

François THIAR, Marie THIAR his wife, Margueritte THIAR, Magdelaine THIAR, Ositte THIAR, Elizabette THIAR, Anne THIAR, Michel THIAR, Antoine THIAR, Claude THIAR, Pierre THIAR.

Françoise BABIN, widow, Marie BABIN.



7 JULY 1763

Charle BRAUX, Claire BRAUX, his wife, Marie BRAUX, Marguerite BRAUX, Elizabeth BRAUX, Anne BRAUX, Magdelaine BRAUX, Pierre BRAUX, Anne La JEUNNE, orphan.

Charle COMMOST, widower, Anne COMMOST, Charle COMMOST, Firmin COMMOST. (Comeau family)

Joseph BABIN, Rosalite BABIN, his wife, Joseph BABIN.

Honoré TRAHAN, Marie TRAHAN, his wife, Marie TRAHAN, Pierre TRAHAN; orphans: Joseph LE JEUNNE, orphan, Antoine LE JEUNE.

Joseph GAIDRIS, Marie BENOIST GAIDRIS, his wife, Gabriel GAIDRIS, Joseph GAIDRIS, Geneviève GAIDRIS.

Louis LATIER, Anne LATIER, his wife, Antoine LATIER, Anne BENOIST, orphan, Rose BENOIST, orphan, Margueritte BENOIST, orphan.

Antoine BRAUX, Margueritte BRAUX, his wife, Joseph BRAUX, Charle BRAUX, Perpetué BRAUX, Scholastique BRAUX.


Antoine BABIN, Catherine BABIN, his wife, François BABIN, Firmin BABIN, Charle BABIN, Claire BABIN, Roe BABIN, Anne BABIN, Marie BABIN.

Jean GAIDRIS, Anne GAIDRIS, his wife, Firmin GAIDRIS, Magdelaine GAIDRIS, Jean GAIDRIS, Monique GAIDRIS.

Jean BRAUX, Marie BRAUX, his wife, Michel BRAUX, Margueritte BRAUX, Remis BOUDRAUX, orphan.

Jean BRAUX, Osite BRAUX, his wife, Pélagie BRAUX.

Anne DUPUIS, widow, Marie DUPUIS, Margueritte DUPUIS, Monique DUPUIS, Pierre DUPUIS.

Joseph BRAUX, Marie Josette BRAUX, his wife, Joseph Marie BRAUX, Margueritte Braux, Marie Rose LANDRI.

Pierre RICHARD, widower, Anne Marie RICHARD.

Jean DUPUIS, Anne DUPUIS, his wife, Firmin DUPUIS, Marie DUPUIS.

Alexis COMMOST, Margueritte COMMOST, his wife, Joseph COMMOST, Margueritte COMMOST, Etienne COMMOST, Pierre COMMOST.

Marie BABIN, widow, Jean BABIN, Ignace BABIN, Marie BABIN.

Olivier BENOIST, Susanne BENOIST, his wife, Jean BENOIST, Margueritte BENOIST, Marie BENOIST.

Anne BENOIST, orphan, Natalis BENOIST, orphan.


Olivier BABIN, orphan, Marie BABIN, orphan, Joseph BABIN, orphan, Anne BABIN, orphan.

Amand RICHARD, Marie RICHARD,his wife.

Joseph LANDRY, Marie LANDRY,his wife, Anne Magdelaine LANDRY, Augustin LANDRY, Geneviève LANDRY, Cécile LANDRY, Alexandre LANDRY, Pierre LANDRY, Magdelaine LANDRY.

Margueritte BRAUX, widow, Marie BRAUX, Pierre BRAUX.

Mathurin LANDRY, Marie LANDRY, his wife, Ludivine LANDRY.

Elizabeth BRAUX, widow, Margueritte BRAUX, Paul BRAUX.

Marguerite BRAUX, widow, Jean BRAUX, Margueritte BRAUX, Josette BRAUX, Rose BRAUX.

Margueritte CLOATRE, widow, Louis CLOATARE, Pierre Joseph CLOATRE, Marie CLOATRE, Anne CLOATRE, Marthe CLOATRE. (CLOUATRE family.)

Honoré BRAUX, Magdelaine BRAUX, his wife, Magdelaine BRAUX, Marie BRAUX, Margueritte BRAUX, Blaise LE JEUNE, orphan.

Aléxis BRAUX, Madgelaine BRAUX, his wife, Honoré BRAUX, Joseph BRAUX, Charle BRAUX, Marie BRAUX, Anastasie BRAUX, Bibien BRAUX, orphan.

George CLOATRE, Cécile CLOATRE, his wife, Joseph CLOATRE, Magdelaine CLOATRE, Joseph BRAUX, orphan.

Michel POUPARD, Cécile POUPARD, his wife, Janvier, infant orphan.



7 JULY 1763


Charles DUPUIS, Elizabeth, his wife, Jean Baptiste DUPUIS, Joseph DUPUIS.

Joseph MELANSON, Marguerite, his wife, Marie MELANSON, Anne MELANSON, Baptiste MELANSON, Magdne. MELANSON, Marie Josephe MELANSON, Margte. MELANSON, Rose MELANSON, Geneviève MELANSON, Pierre MELANSON.

Etienne LANDRY, Margte. his wife, Margte. LANDRY, Marie LANDRY, Joseph LANDRY.

The widow BELHISLE, Pierre BELHISLE, Marie Rose BELHISLE.

Joseph MELANSON, Anastazie, his wife.

The widow MANJEANT, Anselme MANJEANT, her son, and Rose, his wife.

Charles CELESTIN, Anne his wife, Marie CELESTIN, Cyprien DUPUIS and Charles DUPUIS, orphan.

Pierre CELESTIN, Françoise, his wife, Mgdne. CELESTIN, Margte CELESTIN, Pierre CELESTIN.

Joseph CELESTIN, Marie, his wife, Bte. CELESTIN, Joseph CELESTIN.

Joseph THURIN.

The widow Germain HEBERT, Magdne HEBERT, Bte HEBERT.

Jean SAPIN, Margte, his wife.

Joseph LEBLANC, Marie, his wife, Anne and Magdne. LEBLANC.

Joseph LEBLANC, the Younger, Marie his wife, Marie Magdne. LEBLANC, Joseph LEBLANC.

Pierre BRAUX, Margte, his wife, Marie BRAUX.

The widow MEUNIER, Claire and Margte. MEUNIER, Paul and Mathurin MEUNIER, Victal and Marie Monique MEUNIER.

Baudèt GONSAULT, Claire, his wife.




7 JULY 1763

Cécile LEROY, widow; Bonaventure LEROY, Elizabet LE ROY.

Jean BRASSEU, Magdelaine BRASSEU, his wife, Marie Magdelaine BRASSEU, Antiotiose BRASSEU, Jean Baptiste BRASSEU, Philippe BRASSEU.

Pierre LESCUN, prisoner of war, Anastasie LESCUN, his wife, Maurice LESCUN.

Pierre LAUNNE, prisoner of war; Margueritte LAUNNE, his wife, Margueritte the younger.

Joseph LEROY, Elizabeth Leroy, his wife, Anne LEROY, Firmin BOUDREAU, orphan; Pierre BOUDROT, Joseph BOUDREAU, orphan; Marie BOUDREAU, orphan.

Joseph l'ALEMAND, prisoner of war.

Jean DAVID, prisoner of war, Marie Josette DAVID, his wife, Joseph Marie DAVID, Marie Rose the young orphan.



Pierre BABIN, Magdelaine BABIN, his wife, Paul BABIN, Ludivine BABIN.

Etienne RIVETTE, widower, Etienne RIVETTE, François RIVETTE, Jean RIVETTE, Pierre RIVETTE, Théodore RIVETTE.

Augustin LANDRY, Marie LANDRY, his wife, Joseph LANDRY, Joseph Ignace LANDRY, Marie LANDRY, Mathurin LANDRY, Margueritte LANDRY.

Bonaventure FORAY, Claire FORAY, his wife, Margueritte FORAY, Marie FORAY, Magdelaine FORAY, Sofphie FORAY, Joseph BOUDREAU, orphan.

Claude BROUSSARD, Marie BROUSSARD, hjis wife.

Marie RICHARD, widow, Simon RICHARD, Paul RICHARD.

Bazile LANDRY, Brigite LANDRY, his wife, Marie LANDRY, Marie BABIN, orphan.

Joseph LANDRY, Magdelaine LANDRY, his wife, Margueritte BABIN, orphan.

Jean FORAY, Margueritte FORAY, his wife, Margueritte PRINCE, orphan.

Michel Maxime RIVETTE, orphan, Anne RIVETTE, orphan, Sirille RIVETTE, orphan, Blaise RIVETTE, orphan, Pélagie RIVETTE, orphan.

Joseph BABIN, widower, Elizabeth BABIN, Etienne BABIN, Prien BABIN.

Dique LANDRE, Théotiste LANDRE, his wife.

Joseph CASTILLE, Osiet CASTILLE, his wife, Larmarthe CASTILLE, Paul BRAUSARD, orphan, Margueritte BRAUSARD, orphan.




7 JULY 1763


Jacques LEBLANC, Joseph, his wife, Catherine and Silvin LEBLANC, Paul and Marte. LEBLANC, Ozith LEBLANC.

François LANDRY, Charles LANDRY, Jacques and Georges LANDRY, Pélagie and Joseph LANDRY.

Etienne BIGEOS, Brigitte, his wife, Mathurin BIGEOS, Pierre and Marie BIGEOS, Magdne. BIGEOS, Marie BRESSEAU, widow. (BUGEAUD family?)

Joseph LANDRY, Marie LANDRY, Joseph LANDRY, Magdne. LANDRY, Margte. and Gertrude LANDRY.

J. Bte. BRAUX, Rose, his wife, Margte. and Magdne. BRAUX, Jean and Anne BRAUX, Amant and Cité BRAUX, Marie BRAUX.

Jean LANDRY, Ursule his wife, Elizabeth LANDRY, Joseph and Marie LANDRY, J. Bte. LEBLANC.

Joseph BIGEOS, Anne BIGEOS, his wife, Margte. and Augustin BIGEOS, Perpetuel BIGEOS, Anne BIGEOS.

Pierre LEBLANC, Anne LEBLANC, his wife, Simon and Rose LEBLANC, Ludivine LEBLANC.

Firmin LANDRY, Elizabeth, his wife, Joseph and Saturin LANDRY, Eleine and Magdne LANDRY.

Marie BABIN, widow, Charles BABAIN, Eufrème and Marie Joseph BABIN, Brigitte and Anne BABIN, widow Anne BABIN, Joseph and Jacaues BABIN, Margte. BABIN.

Charles BABIN, Marie LANDRY, widow, Anne and Elizabeth LANDRY, Margte. and Geneviève LANDRY.

Ursule BABIN, widow, and Marie BABIN, Margte. and Anne BABIN.

René LANDRY, Félicité and Olivier LANDRY, Joseph and Firmin LANDRY.

Alexandre DOUAIRON, Anne, his wife, Agathe and André DOUAIRON, Elizabeth and Anne DOUAIRON, Pélagie and Véronique DOUAIRON and a child.

Désiré LEBLANC, Marie, his wife, Magdne and Isaac LEBLANC, Marie and Jérome LEBLANC, Désiré LEBLANC, Elizabeth and Anne LEBLANC, Ozith and Benjamin LEBLANC, Anselme LEBLANC.

Simon LEBLANC, Marie Josephe, his wife, Paul LEBLANC.

Pierre LANDRY, Elizabeth, his wife, Joseph LANDRY, Anne LANDRY, Pierre and Sophie LANDRY.

Marie LANDRY, widow, Fabien and Pélagie LANDRY

Marie LANDRY, widow of Charles LANDRY, Marie and Anne LANDRY, Amant LANDRY.

François LANDRY, Margte, his wife.

Jean CLEMANSAU and his wife, Joseph CLEMEANSAU, Marie CLEMANSAU, Jean and Rose CLEMENSAU, Magdne. and Thérèze CLEMANSAU, J. Bte. CLEMANSAU.

Joseph LANDRY le Sourd.

François SIMONET and Anne, his wife.


Jean LANDRY, Margte. LANDRY, Anne and Hyacinthe LANDRY, Magdne. LANDRY, Rose and Jean LANDRY.

The widow GRANGE Magdne.

Pierre and Elizabeth LANDRY, Athanas and Germain LANDRY, Anne and Marie LANDRY.

Pierre LANDRY, Geneviève, his wife, Jean and Ozith LANDRY, Olivier and Firmin LANDRY.

Abraham LANDRY, Margte., his wife, Etienne and Simon LANDRY, Nathalie and Anastazie LANDRY, Marie and Margte. LANDRY, Pierre and Elizabeth LANDRY, Joseph and Magdne. LANDRY.

Germain BABIN, Amant BABIN, Margte. and Magdne. BABIN, Marie and Anne BABIN.



7 JULY 1763

Mark of Olivier LEBLANC, Marguerite LEBLANC, my wife, Joseph LEBLANC, Anne LEBLANC, Marthe LEBLANC, Marguerite LEBLANC.

to Jean LEBLANC, Juditte LANDRY my wife, Jean Baptiste LEBLANC, Josephe LEBLANC, Simon LEBLANC, Marie LeBLANC.

Mark of Pierre POIRRIER, Marie Joseph MELLANCONT(MELANÇON) my wife, Marguerite LEBLANC, Simon Varize LEBLANC.

Mark of Amand MELLANCON, Anne BABIN my wife, Joseph MELLANCON, Anne MELLANCON, Marguerite MELLANCON.

Mark of Joseph LEBLANC - mark of Anriette DUG

Mark of François LANDRY, Marguerite LEBLANC, my wife, Marie LEBLANC.

Mark of Pierre ALING(ALLAIN, Catherine EBERD(HÉBERT), Jean Baptiste ALING, Marguerite ALING, Simon ALING.

Mark of Etienne LANDRY, Marie Joseph LANDRY my wife, Anastasie LANDRY.

Mark of Mari Joseph TRAHANT, Elisabeth LEBLANC, Marguerite LEBLANC, Joseph LEBLANC.

René BLANCHARD, Marguerite THEVREAUX, my wife, Françoise BLANCHARD, Magdeliene BLANCHARD.

Enslme BLANCHARD and Esther LEBLANC my wife.

Mark of Ann BLANC, Enslme LANDRY, Paul LANDRY, Firm LANDRY, Jean LANDRY, Marguerite LANDRY, Anne LANDRY.

Mark of Paul LEBLANC, Rose LEBLANC, Pierre LEBLANC.

Mark of Bonaventure LEBLANC, Marie THEVREAUX, my wife, Joseph LEBLANC, Anne LEBLANC, Magdeleine LEBLANC, Esther LEBLANC, Joseph RICHARD.

Mark of Pierre FORREIT, (FOREST) Marguerite BLANCHARD my wife, Pierre FOREIT.

Mark of Joseph BLANCHARD, Mari Joseph LENDRY, Firmin BLANCHARD, Marguerite BLANCH (sic)

Mark of Joseph LEBLANC...Enselme LEBLANC, Marguerite LeBlanc.

Mark of François EBERD, Mari (sic) LEBLANC my wife.

Mark of Théotiste DOIRONT, Simon LeBLANC, mark of Françoise ALING.


Source: Massachusetts State Archives
Acadian Exiles in the Colonies ~ Janet Jehn - 1977.
Bona Arsenault.
From Janet Jehn's book: Information contained here comes from pages 151 through 158

Father Edward Carley, historian for the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, which includes Maryland's Eastern Shore (East of the Chesapeak Bay), writes that "all of the Acadians had departed from the Eastens Shore by 1775. It was a very inhospitable territory for Roman Catholics and foreigners. Some few Acadians went to Baltimore, most set sail for Louisiana."

In late spring of 1765, one Landry (probably Joseph), addressed a petition to Governor Horatio Sharpe, on behalf of the Acadians in Maryland and Pennsylvania to be allowed to settle in Nova Scotia, either on the Bay of Gaspe or Chaleur. Frustrated in their attempts to re-settle in Acadia, they requested settlement in Louisiana.

In 1765, the Acadians petitioned the Justice of the Peace of Cecil County for help to leave Maryland for the Mississippi. (History of Cecil County, Maryland - Elkton, 1881 - p. 263)

Some ships left 2 years later, when in late March, 1767, Cecil County Justice of the Peace provided passage aboard the scooner VIRGIN , Thomas Farrold, Master, square stern, 60 ton, Six men, built in Maryland in 1762. Registered Pocomoke, 17 January, 1762. Owners of present voyage, Peter Hulbert and Johnathan Plowman. 200 passengers with their baggage, Bound for Mississippi. (Basil Sollers Maryland Historical Magazine - March 1908 vol. III no. 1, pp 1-6)The Acadians (French Neutrals) Transported to Maryland (taken from History of Cecil County On April 9, 1767 The Maryland Gazette announced the sailing of the Scooner VIRGIN, Captain Thomas Gerrald , on May 5, 1767 from Baltimore with a stop at Patuxent. (Letter from A. N. Lafreniere)

The Maryland Gazette reported that the scooner VIRGIN cleared Annapolis in 1767 (April 9, 1767, Annapolis), but reports show that the passengers of this ship ended up in Sante Fe. (B. Sollers, "Report on Smyth, A Tour of U.S.A. - London, 1784, ":Maryland Historical Magazine, 4 (1909):279. It is believed that the scooner VIRGIN was the second ship to leave Maryland for Louisiana. Between 1766 and 1770, 782 (90%) of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Acadians left for Louisiana.

During the 78 day voyage, including the seventeen days stop at Guarico, from the Port of Baltimore, Province of Maryland, from which they departed for this port, Amand Hebert, Head of Family, and Mary Landry died. Oliver Babin and Marguerite Hernandez were born. On the 27th of July, the ship had reached New Orleans. (George White)

In 1770, a haggard band of 30 Acadians arrived at Natchitoces, Louisiana after a fifteen month ordeal of shipboard starvation, mutiny, shipwreck, imprisonment and forced labor in Spanish Texas, and finally a 420 mile overland trek to Louisiana. After successfully resisting government efforts to permanently settle them in the Natchitoces post, these refugees established homes, first in the Iberville diustrict and later at Opelousas. (Carl A. Brasseaux - "Scattered To The Wind" - Dispersal and Wanderings of the Acadians p. 67).

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The names missing for Snowhill were generously contributed by Karen Theriot Reader. She may be contacted at KATheriot@aol.com.

Sources: Massachusetts State Archives Volumes XXIII & XXIV The French Neutrals
Acadian Exiles in the Colonies ~ Janet Jehn - 1977
The Acadian Exiles in the American Colonies 1755-1768 by Milton P. Rieder, Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder

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