Arrival in England

Arrival of the Acadians in England
By Robert Dafford

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The following article was in the Boston Evening Post newspaper published September 20, 1756.

Headline: Falmouth, June 17;
Paper: Boston Evening Post.; Date: 1756-09-20; Iss: 1099; Page: [2];

[Note: The Acadians deported to Virginia were sent on to England where they would be prisoners until 1763.]

Falmouth, June 17, 1756. arriv’d, the Fanny, Bovey, from Virginia, with 204 Neutral French on board, being sent by the Governor of Virginia, he apprehending they would go and join their Countrymen and the Indians in their Interest.

June 23. The Virginia Packet, Ball, is arrived at Bristol, from Virginia, with 299 more neutral French on board.

October 11, 1756
Boston Evening Post

Bristol, June 26.

On Saturday arriv’d here from Virginia, the Virginia Packet with three hundred French Neutrals, a great Part of whom are Women and Children. They lay at our Kay waiting for Orders frm Above, for the Disposal of them, vast Numbers of the Citizens flocking daily to see them, and Thursday were removed to Guinea-Sreet, and are allow’d Six pence per Head per Day with any Deduction, which will afford them a comfortable Suport in their present deplorable Circumstances. – Several hundred more are shortly expected.

Headline: Bristol, June 26;
Paper: Boston Evening Post.; Date: 1756-10-11; Iss: 1102; Page: [3];

Boston Post Boy August 22, 1763 - Liverpool

LONDON, June 11 [1763]

On Wednesday 220 French neutrals, brought to Liverpool from America in 1756, were embarked on board the Sturgeon, Capt. Bologne, a French cartel, and proceeded to sea. They in general behaved very peaceably, and inter-married with one another.

They had upwards of 40 children born in that town. The women chiefly employed themselves in knitting worsted stockings, and in tazing old cloths into wool, and spinning and weaving it into new cloth.

The following are the lists of Acadians imprisoned in England during the Deportation years
and finally expatriated to France by the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. Many died while imprisoned.

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