Mystic, Connecticut Harbor

On December 15, 1755 the Sloop Dove left Pointe des Boudros arriving in Connecticut, date unknown, with 114 Acadians aboard.

On December 8, 1755 three ships left Annapolis Royal for Connecticut. These were the Snow Edward arriviving in Connecticut on May 22, 1756 with 278 Acadians aboard.

The Ship Elizabeth left Annapolis Royal arriving on January 21, 1756 with 280 Acadians aboard.

The Snow Two Sisters left Annapolis Royal arriving date unknown with 280 Acadians aboard.

On November 30, 1755 an unknown Sloop left Minas Basin arriving in Connecticut on January 22, 1756 with 173 Acadians aboard.

General List of the Acadian Families Distributed
in the Government of Konehtoket (Connecticut) Who Desire To Go To France

The first part of this page lists the names as they were recorded. They are listed alphabetically following the original list. However, it is necessary to refer to the first part to access the whole family. With time, all of this information will be merged together.

The family of Joseph MIRAU consisting of five persons, his wife and three children

That of Joseph BOURCKE, five persons

of Thomas JEANCONNE, eleven persons

of Louis AMIRAU, his wife

of Charles DUPUIS eight persons

of Pierre DOUSSET, eight persons

of Pierre ORILLION, nine persons

of Louis THIBAU eight persons

of Jean Baptiste DUPUIS, four persons

of Charles LORD, four persons

of Louis Lord, four persons

of Pierre HEBERT, eleven persons

of Pierre BOURG alone

of Benoist FOREST, five persons

of Victor FOREST, five persons

of François AMIRAU, seven persons

of Aman BRUN, six persons

of Jean Pierre FOURET, seven persons

of François LEGER, ten persons

of Charle DUPUIS and his wife

of Antoine BRAU, nine persons

of Hive THIBAUD, ten persons

Jean Baptiste COMMEAU, twelve persons

of Jean Lord, seven persons

of Pierre LANAU, eight persons

of Pierre LORD, three persons

of Charle LEBRUN, five persons

of Charle BOURG alone

Total....................182 persons

The family of Jacque FOUREST consisting of ten persons

that of Mathieu FOREST, six persons

of Jacque MICHEL, six persons

of Simon BRUN consisting of four persons

of the widow BRAU and one child

of Pierre LANOU the young, six persons

of Michel LANAU, four persons

of the widow MELANSON, four persons

of the widow of François BRAU, one child

of Joseph LANAU, seven persons

of Pierre BRAU, nine persons

of Charles BLANCHARD, seven persons

of the widow DOUCET, six persons

of Charles GRANGER, seven persons

Joseph DOUCET, four persons

Joseph RICHARD, thirteen persons

Pierre AMIRAU, eight persons

Dominique ROBICHAUD, either persons

Louis FONTAINE, six persons

the widow Margueritte DOUCET, six persons

Charles GAUDET, eight persons

Jean Baptiste JEANCOMME, nine persons

Margueritte GAUTRAU alone

Jean and Joseph BOURG, their family, seven persons

François FOURNOS his wife, two children, four persons

Alexis HEBERT, his wife and a child

Manuel HEBERT, his wife and three children Pierre HEBERT, his wife, seven children

Simon HEBERT, his wife and a child

Jean Baptiste POURIE, Magdelaine GRANGER his wife, their family consisting of twelve children

The widow GRANGER, her family of three persons

Pierre MICHE and Jean MINIOT

The number of persons here counted amounting to 378 persons

Pierre HEBERT, Elizabeth DUPUY his wife, nine children

Pierre Hilaire LEBLANC, Mariee Isabelle HEBERT his wife

Fabien HEBERT, Anastazie LANDRY his wife and a son

Joseph HEBERT and Anne BOURG his wife, nine children

Mariee BOURG, widow of Charle LANDRY her family of nine persons

Michel LANDRY, Mariee LEBLANC his wife and two children

Pierre LEBLANC, Marie Joseph LANDRY his wife and a male child

Joseph LANDRY, Victor HEBERT, Marie Joseph HEBERT

Magdelaine GRANGER

Margueritte DUPUIS, widow of Pierre BOUDROS, five children

Jean Baptiste LEBLANC, widower and his family

Olivier HEBERT, his wife and six children

Charles HEBERT, his wife and five children

René HEBERT, Marie BOUDROT his wife

The widow of François RICHARD, seven children

Joseph RICHARD, his wife, two children

Anne BELIVAUX and Margueritte GRANGER

Pierre RICHARD, his wife and a child

Jacque GUIRROIRE, his wife, five children

Paul LANDRY, his wife, five children

Sipprien SIDNE with four children

Charle POIRIER, his wife, five children

Germain RICHARD, widower, his family consisting of four children

Joseph BABINAUT, his wife and three children

Germain PITEVE, his wife, his mother-in-law and three children

Jean Baptiste DUPUIS and his wife

Alexandre DUPUIS, his brother, his family consisting of two children

Simon Pierre DUPUIS, his wife, Charles DUPUIS his brother and sister, his family consisting of six children

Charles COUMAUX, his wife, two children

Charle DUPUIS, his wife, a child

The widow of Charle PUGUAU with four children

The widow of Fabien DUPUIS, seven children

Antoine DUPUIS, his wife, nine children

Joseph HEBERT, Anne HEBERT, brother and sister

Jacque GIROIRE, his wife, five children

Paul LANDRY, his wife, five children

five orphans who are absent and unable to sign

The number of persons in the other part amounting to 596

The family of Claude BOURGOIS composed of three persons

Joseph CAUGRAY, his wife

Paul ROBICHAU, his wife, two children

Pierre DUPUIS, his wife, four children

Charle MONTAIGNE, his wife, three children

Joseph DOUCET, his wife, nine children

Anne GOULLE, three children

Abel BOURGOIS, his wife, a child

Joseph MICHEL, his wife, a child

Joseph BRUN, his wife, his family of sixteen persons

François REMON, his wife, two children

Salette ROBICHAU, his daughter

Joseph BELLIVEAU, his wife and a child

Total of the Government of Coneticutte......666


Joseph MIRAULT (AMIRAULT), s/o Joseph/Marguerite LORD, m. at Connecticut to Félicité FOREST, d/o François/Jeanne GIROUARD. Marriage rehabilitated at l'Assomption 1768. Children: Elizabeth (1768). At l'Assomption 1768.

Thomas JEANSON, s/o Guillaume/Elizabeth CORPORON, m. to Marie-Joseph GIROUARD, d/o Alexanre/Marie LEBORGNE de BELLISLE and widow of Louis DUGAS. Children: Anne (1740); Eulalie (1744); Basile (1746); Marguerite (1749); Charles (1751); Marie-Osite (1752). Deported to New England 1755 and at St-Jacques l'Achigan, Québec, Canada 1767.

Louis AMIRAULT, s/o Joseph/Marguerite LORD, m. ca. 1762 at Connecticut to Marie RICHARD, d/o Jean-Baptiste/Marie-Joseph HEBERT. Marriage rehabilitated at l'Assomption 1767. Children: Frédéric (ca. 1763); Isabelle (1765); Marie-Esther (1766); Louis (ca. 1770). At l'Assomption, Québec, Canada 1767.

Charles-Olivier DUPUIS, s/o Jean/Anne RICHARD, m. to Marie-Josephe COMEAUX. Children: Perpétué (1733); Jean (1734); Pierre-Poncy (1735); Marie (1737); Charles (1739); Joseph-Amable (1741); Anne-Suzanne (1744); Simon (1746); Michel (1748); Paul (1751). Deported to Connecticut 1755.

Pierre ORILLON dit CHAMPAGNE, blacksmith, s/o Charles/Marie BASTARACHE, m. to Brigitte BRUN, d/o Jean/Anne GAUTEROT. Children: Joseph (1742); Jean-Baptiste (1744); Marie-Josephe (1747); Pierre (1750); Charles (1752); Basile (1760); David (1763). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and at Nicolet, Québec, Canada 1767.

Louis THIBAULT, s/o Louis/Françoise MARCHAILE, m. to Jeanne PICOT, d/o Michel/Isabelle LEVRON. Children: Rosalie (1726)'

Two Charles LORD families deported to Massachusetts and one to New York, but none listed at Connecticut.

Louis LORD, s/o Pierre/Jeanne DOUCET, m. to Luce FONTAINE, d/o Louis/Marie-Madeleine ROY. Children: Ludivine (1754); Marie (1757); Marguerite (1759); Jean-Baptiste (1761); Louis (1765); Anne-Esther (1768); Eulalie (1774). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and at l'Assomption, Québec, Canada 1767.

Pierre HEBERT, s/o René/Marie BOUDROT, m. to Elizabeth DUPUIS, d/o Jean/Marguerite RICHARD. Children: Fabien (1741); Marie-Isabelle (ca. 1742); Anastasie (ca. 1743); Simon (1750). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and had nine children by 1763. At St-Philippe-de-la Laprairie, Québec, Canada 1771.

Victor FOREST, b. 1735, s/o Jacques/Marie_Josephe LEPRINCE.

François AMIRAULT, s/o Joseph/Marguerite LORD, m. to Cécile BOURG, d/o Abraham and Marie DUGAS. Children: Joseph (1750); François Marin (1752); Jean (ca. 1755); Marie-Anne (ca. 1760); Marie-Hélène (ca. 1762); Marguerite (ca. 1763); Edouard (ca. 1766). Deported to Connecticut and at St-Jacques l'Achigan, Québec, Canada 1767.

Amand BRUN apparently s/o Claude/Cécile DUGAS, m. to Marie THIBAUD d/o Louis/Jeanne PICOT. Children: Amand-Grégoire (1759); Jean-Baptiste (1763); Bsile (1766); Marie-Anne (1769); Marguerite (1771). At Bécancour, Québec, Canada 1767. No mention of deportation.

Jean-Pierre FOREST, s/o René/Françoise DUGAS, m. to Anne RICHARD, d/o Pierre/Madeleine GIROUARD. Children: Madeleine (1744); Marie-Josephe (1746); Joseph (1748); Isabelle (1749); Pierre (1751); Marguerite (1753). Deported to Connecticut 1755.

François LEGER, s/o Jacques/Madeleine TRAHAN, m. to Madeleine COMMEAUX, d/o Abraham/Marguerite PITRE. Children: Joseph (1740); Jean-Baptiste )+(1741); Marie-Josephe (1743); Scholastique (1744); François (1746); Charles (1749) [only chld not deported with the family in 1755 as he was visiting with his godmother Marguerite Grosvalet at the time the Deportatation began according to research by Stephen A. White.]; Marguerite (1751); Anne (1753). Deported to Connecticut 1755.

Antoine BREAUX, s/o Jean/Anne CHIASSON, M. to Ursule BLANCHARD, d/o Charles/Madeleine GIROUARD, and m. second 1747 to Marguerite DOUCET, d/o Laurent/Anne PELLERIN. Children of second marriage: Nathalie (1749); Anne-Séraphine (1751); anastasie (1753); Félicité (1755); Marie-Félicité (1757); Marguerite (1757). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and at St-Antoine-de-Chambly, Québec, Canada, near Montréal, 1768.

Yves THEBEAUX, s/o Louis/Jeanne LEVRON, m. to Françoise MELANSON, d/o Ambroise/Marguerite COMMEAU. Children: Ludivine (1747); Basile (1748); Pierre (1749); Louis (1751); Marie (1753); Marguerite (1756); Françoise (1760); Yves (1761); Charles (1763); Modeste (1768). Deported to Massachusetts 1755, at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia 1768 and settled at Baie Ste-Marie.

Jean-Baptiste LORD, s/o Pierre/Jeanne DOUCET, m. to Madeleine DUGAS, d/o François/Claire BOURG. Children: Ludivine (1752); Joseph (1754); Marie-Anne (1755); Pierre-David (1757); Marie-Louise (1759); Antoine (1761); Marguerite (1763); Elizabeth-Esther (1765); Louis-Benjamin (1768). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and at l'Assomption, Québec, Canada 1768.

Pierre LANOUE, s/o Joseph/Marguerite BELLIVEAU and m. to Ursule BRUN. Second marriage at St-Jacques l'Achigan 1788 to Marie HEBERT, widow of François LANDRY. Children: Marie-Félicité (1754); agnès (ca. 1755); Félicité (1759) Anne (1761); Jean (1764). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and settled at St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Québec, Canada.

Pierre LORD, s/o charles/Marie DOUCET, m. in New England ca. 1762 to Marguerite GRANGER. Children: Joseph Olivier (1763); Charles-Benjamin (1764); Elizabeth (1765). At Québec 1767 and Pierre died there 1769. No mention of deportation.

Charles BRUN, s/o Claude/Cécile DUGAS, m. to Marie-Josep[he LORD> Children: Marie (ca. 1752); Anne (ca. 1754); Françoise (ca. 1756); Charles (ca. 1758); Louis (ca. 1760); Simon (1770); Pierre-René (1771). Deported to Connecticut and at Maskinongé, Québec, Canada 1767.

Possibly Jacques FOREST, s/o Jean-Baptiste/Elizabeth LABARRE, m. to Marguerite GIROUARD, d/o Jacques/Anne PETITPAS. Children: Madeleine (1732); Marie (1741); Jean (ca. 1742); Jean-Baptiste (ca. 1743). Deported to Connecticut 1755. Son Jean settled at Yamaska, Québec, Canada 1765 and Jean-Baptiste at l'Assomption, Québec, Canada 1767.

Mathieu-René FOREST, s/o René/Rançoise DUGAS, m. to Marie-Madeleine GUILBAULT, d/o Charles/Anne BOURG. Children: Marie-Josephe (1729); Joseph (1730); Jacques (1735); Pierre (1737); Marguerite (1740); Anastasie (1742); Jean-Baptiste (1748). Deported to Connecticut 1755.

Pierre LANOUE, s/o Pierre/Anne BELLIVEAUX, married in civil ceremony at Connecticut 1764 to Marie-Josephe DUGAS, d/o Louis/Marie-Josephe GIROUARD. Marriage rehabilitated at l'Assomption 1767. Children: Marie-Josephe (1765); Joseph (1768); Marguerite (1771); Elizabeth (1774); Marie-Anne (1777); Pierre (1780). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and returned to St-Jacques l'Achigan, Québec, Canada. Children born in exile baptized 1774 at l'Assomption, Québec, Canada.

Michel-Poncy LANOUE, s/o Joseph/Marguerite BELLIVEAU, m. in civil ceremony 1761 to Madeleine BRUN. Marriage rehabilitated at Laprairie 1774. Children: Marie (1762); Marguerite (1764); Michel (1766). Family at St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Québec, Canada 1774.

François BREAUX s/o Vincent/Marie BOURG, m. to Marie COMMEAUX. No mention of deportation.

Joseph LANOUE, s/o Pierre/Marie GRANGER, m. to Marguerite BELLIVEAU, d/o Charles/Marie MELANSON. Children: Joseph (1726); Charles (1728); Marguerite (1731); Pierre (1733); Michel-Poncy (1736); François (1739); Jean-Baptiste (1743). Deported to New England 1755 and returned to Laprairie, Québec 1772. Joseph died at St-Philippe-de-Laprairie 1792.

Charles LANOUE, s/o Joseph/Marguerite BELLIVEAU, m. in civil ceremony at Connecticut ca. 1759 to Marie BREAUX d/o Pierre/Marie MELANSON. Marriage rehabilitated at Laprairie 1772. Children: Marguerite (1767); François (1769); Marie (1770). Charles established at St-Philippe-de-Laprairie after he returned from New England where he was deported 1755.

Pierre BREAUX, s/o Jean/Anne CHIASSON, m. to Marie MELANSON, d/o Jean/Madeleine PETITOT. Children: Marie-Josephe (1736); Marguerite (1738); Anastasie (1742); Pierre-David (1744); Anne (1746); Pierre (1748); Joseph (1750); Jean (1753). Deported to New England 1755.

Charles GRANGER, s/o Claude/Jeanne GUILBAUT, m. to Marguerite BELLIVEAUX, d/o Pierre/Jeanne GAUDET. Children: Charles (1749); Pierre (1750); Jean (1753); Marie-Catherine (1760); Jean-Baptiste (1763); Jacques-David (ca. 1764); Ludiviine (1765); Joseph (1767); anne (1771). Deported to Massachusetts 1755 and at St-Philippe-de-Laprairie 1775.


Charles GRANGER, s/o Jacques/Marie GIROUARD, m. to Marie-Josephe DAIGRE, d/o Bernard/Angélique RICHARD. Children: Marie_Joseph )1740); Charles (1743); Joseph (1745); Jean-Pierre (1748). Deported to Maryland 1755.

Joseph DOUCET, s/o Mathieu/Anne LORD, m. to Marie-Anne BOURG, d/o Pierre/Isabelle BROSSARD. Children: Marie-Joseph (1737); Anne (1739); Marguerite (1741); Joseph (1743); Jean-Baptiste (1745); Madeleine (1747); Louis (1747); Charles (1751); Isabelle (1753); Marie (1754); Marie-Anne (1756); Pierre-Abel (1761). Deported to Massachusetts 1755 and at Bécancour 1767.

Joseph DOUCET s/o Joseph/Marie-Anne BOURG, m. at Massachusetts ca. 1760 to Joseph-Luce LEBLANC, d/o Paul/Madeleine FOREST. Joseph's marriage rehabilitated at Bécancour 1767 and he married second 1771 at Québec to Marie-Madeleine PELERIN, d/o Charles/Madeleine ROBICHAUX. Children of first marriage: Marie-Josephe (1766); Joseph (1768). At Trois-Rivières 1767 and Québec 1771.

Joseph DOUCET, s/o Pierre/Françoise DUGAS, m. to Anne MELANSON, d/o Pierre Anne GRANGER and married second 1770 at Yamachiche to Anne THIBEAU, d/o Louis/Jeanne PILOTE. Children of first marriage: Anne (1753); Joseph (ca. 1757); Marie-Louis (1759). Children of second marriage: Marguerite (1771); Jean-Baptiste (1772); Joseph (1774); Pierre(1776). At Massachusetts 1755 and at Yamachiche 1767; Pointe-du-Lac 1776.

Joseph RICHARD, s/o François/Anne COMMEAUX, m. to Anne BASTARACHE, d/o François/Agnès LABAUVE. Children: Anselme (1735); Anne (1737); Ludivine (1739); Amand (1741); Marie-Rose (1743); Anne-Félicité (1746); Joseph-Marin (1750); Charles (1753); Marguerite (1759); Charlotte (1762). Deported to Massachusetts 1755 and at St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Québec 1769.

Pierre (A)MIRAULT, s/o Joseph AMIRAULT/Marguerite LORD, m. to Anne ROBICHAUD, d/o Pierre/Madeleine BOURGEOIS. Children: Marie-Marthe (ca. 1753); Marguerite (1755) Jean (1756); Marie-Anne )ca.) 1757); Joseph (1762). Deported to Connecticut and in area of l'Assomption, Québec 1767.


Pierre MIRAUD, s/o François/Madeleine LORD, m. to Marie-Eustache HEBERT, d/o Alexandre/Marie DUPUIS. Children: Scholastique (1746); Marie (1748); Anne (1749); Marguerite-Thais (1751); Pierre (1752); Madeleine (1753); anne-Esther (1756); Nathalie (1758); Isaac (1761). Deported to Connecticut and at area of l'Assomption, Québec, ca. 1767.

Dominique ROBICHAUD, s/o Prudent/Françoise BOURGEOIS, m. to Marguerite FOREST, d/o Joseph FOREST/Marie GUILBAUT. Children: Marie (1756); Pierre and Marguerite (1757); Dominique (ca. 1758); Isaac and Joseph (1760). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and at St-Jacques l'Achigan ca. 1767.

Louis-Thadée FONTAINE, s/o Louis/Marie Madeleine ROY, m. in New England ca. 1763 to Marie-Thérèse ROBICHAUD, d/o Prudent/Françoise BOURGEOIS. Marriage rehabilitated at l'Assomption 1767. Children: Joseph (1764); Louis (1765); Isaac (1767). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and at l'Assomption 1767.

Jean-Baptiste JEANSON, s/o Guillaume/Elizabeth CORPORON, m. to Marie-Joseph LORD, d/o Pierre/Jeanne DOUCET. Children: Jean-Baptiste (1744); Barthélémy (1745); Marie-Josephe (1747); Louis (1749); Monique (1751); Joseph (1753); Germain-Marin (1757); Marie-Marguerite-Madeleine (1759). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and children settled at St-Jacques l'Achigan, others went to Louisiana after dispersion.

Pierre HEBERT, s/o René/Marie BOUDROT, m. to Elizabeth DUPUIS, d/o Jean/Marguerite RICHARD. Children: Fabien (1741); Marie-Isabelle (ca. 1742); Anastasie (ca. 1743); Simon (1750). Deported to Connecticut 1755 and had nine children by 1763. As St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Québec, Canada 1771.

Pierre MICHEL, s/o Jacques/Catherine COMMEAUX, m. to Anne GUILBAUT, d/o Charles/Anne BOURG. Children: Marie-Joseph (1732); Joseph (1734); Jean-Baptiste (1736); Pierre (1738); Nathalie (1739); Pierre (1742); Félicité (1744); Cécile, Isidore and Anne (1746). Anne died 1746 apparently in childbirth. Family deported to Massachusetts 1755 and at St-Pierre-les-Becquets, Québec, Canada 1767.

Alphabetical Listing of the Acadians Deported to Connecticut

- A -

Amirau, François
Amirau, Joseph - listed as Mirau, Joseph
Amirau, Louis
Amirau, Pierre

- B -

Babineau, Joseph

Belliveau, Anne
Belliveau, Joseph

Blanchard, Charles

Bourgeois, Claude

Bourque, Charles
Bourque, Jean
Bourque, Joseph
Bourque, Joseph
Bourque, Marie
Bourque, Pierre

Breau, (Widow)
Breau, Antoine
Breau, Pierre

Brun, Amant
Brun, François
Brun, Joseph
Brun, Simon

- C -

Caudray?, Joseph
Caudray, Joseph

Comeau, Baptiste
Comeau, Charles

Conne?, Jean-Baptiste

- D -

Doucet, Joseph
Doucet, Joseph
Doucet, Marguerite
Doucet, Pierre
Doucet, Widow
Dupuis, Alexandre
Dupuis, Antoine
Dupuis, Charles
Dupuis, Charles
Dupuis, Charles
Dupuis, Fabien
Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste
Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste
Dupuis, Marguerite
Dupuis, Pierre
Dupuis, Simon

- F -

Fontaine, Louis
Forest, Benoit
Forest, Jacques
Forest, Jean-Pierre
Forest, Mathieu
Forest, Victor

Fournos?, François

- G -

Gaudet, Charles

Gautreau, Marguerite

Girouard, Jacques
Girouard, Jacques

Goulle, Anne?

Granger, Charles
Granger, Madeleine
Granger, Marguerite
Granger, Widow

- H -

Hébert, Alexis
Hébert, Amant
Hébert, Anne
Hébert, Charles
Hébert, Fabien
Hébert, Jean-Baptiste
Hébert, Joseph
Hébert, Joseph
Hébert, Joseph
Hébert, Emmanuel
Hébert, Olivier
Hébert, Pierre
Hébert, Pierre
Hébert, Pierre
Hébert, René
Hébert, Simon
Hébert, Victor

- L -

Landry, Joseph
Landry, Michel
Landry, Paul
Landry, Paul

Lanoue, Charles
Lanoue, Joseph
Lanoue, Michel
Lanoue, Pierre
Lanoue, Pierre

LeBlanc, Basille
LeBlanc, Jean-Baptiste
LeBlanc, Pierre
LeBlanc, Pierre-Hilaire

LeBrun, Charles

Léger, François

Lord, Charles
Lord, Jean
Lord, Louis
Lord, Pierre

- M -


Melanson - Widow

Michel, Joseph
Michel, Joseph
Michel, Pierre

Miniot, Jean

Montaigne, Charles

- O -

Orillion, Pierre

- P-

Pidne, Cyprien

Piteve? Germain

Poirier, Charles
Poirier, Jean-Baptiste

Priguan?, Charles

Remon?, François

Richard, François
Richard, Germain
Richard, Joseph
Richard, Joseph
Richard, Pierre

Robichaud, Paul
Robichaud, Dominique
Robichaud, Salitte?

- S -

Signer?, Peu????

- T-

Thibault, Louis
Thibault, Hive????

Thomas, Jean-Conne

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Sources: Massachusetts State Archives Volumes XXIII & XXIV The French Neutrals
Acadian Exiles in the Colonies ~ Janet Jehn - 1977
The Acadian Exiles in the American Colonies 1755-1768 by Milton P. Rieder, Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder

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