Acadians at St-Servan, France

Photo of present day St-Servan

St-Malo was the fortified City of the Corsairs and today still occupies a unique position on an island in the Rance Estuary. St-Servan, Paramé and Rothéneuf form the present day municipality. St-Malo is one of the great tourist centers of Brittany.

Aleth was the ancient name for St-Servan and it was a regional capital in the late Roman Empire becoming the seat of a bishopric. In the 6C a Welsh monk, called MacLow, established a monastery on the nearby island of Aaron, which was later to bear his name.

With the coming of the Vikings, the population began to move from Aleth to the island which was easier to defend. Finally, in 1144 Bishop Jean de Chatillon transferred the seat of the bishopric to St-Malo and Aleth adopted another local saint, St Servan, as its patron.

With the maritime discoveries of the 15C and 16C, the importance and prosperity of St-Malo rapidly increased. In 1534, Jacques Cartier, native of Rothéneuf, set out from St-Malo to look for gold in Newfoundland and Labrador, discovering instead the St. Lawrence River. He gave the name Canada, a Huron word meaning village, to the new territory.

After the Acadians were repatriated to France following the Treaty of Paris of 1763, some Acadians were settled in St-Servan.

List of Acadians at Saint-Servan, France ~ 1766

Jean Aucoin, 52, living at Saint-Servan with his family
Jeanne Terriot, 43, his wife
Michel Aucoin, 16, their son
Elizabeth Aucoin, 18, their daughter
Marguerite Aucoin, 14, their daughter
Marie Anastasie Aucoin, 12, their daughter
Marie Françoise Aucoin 5, their daughter
Anne Félicité Aucoin, 1, their daughter
Anne Aucoin, 13, orphaned daughter of deceased Pierre Joseph Aucoin, son of Jean Aucoin

Geneviève Leblanc, 26, widow of Séverin Douaran, living at Saint-Servan with her family
Marie-Geneviève Douaron, 1, her daughter

Claude Trahant, 47
Anne Leblanc, 45, his wife
Baptiste Trahant, 19, their son
Firmin Trahant, 18, their son
Joseph Trahant, 15, their son
Marguerite Trahant, 13, their daughter
Anne Trahant, 11, their daughter
Pierre-Jacques Trahant*, 5, their son
Marie-Jeanne Josèphe Trahant, 2, their daughter

Charles Boudrot, 56, living at Saint-Servan, deceased at the hospital on November 19, 1766
Marie-Magdeleine Bourgeois, 40, his wife
Cécile Boudrot, 19, their daughter, spouse of Charles Richard
Jean-Charles Boudrot, 2, their son
Antoine-Marin Boudrot, 7, orphan of deceased Charles-Olivier (living with Charles Richard)

Jean-Baptiste Hachet, 44, from Acadia, living at Saint-Servan deceased at home on February 8, 1767
Anne Olivier, 37, his wife
Paul Hachet, 15, their son
Isaac Hachet, 8, their son
Eloy-Paul Hachet, 5, their son
François-Bazile Hachet, 2, their son
François Joseph Hachet, 2 months, their son
Anne-Marie Hachet, 17, their daughter

Jean Landry, 44, living at Saint-Servan with his family
Blanche Leblanc, 38, his wife
Estienne Landry, 11, their son
Jean-Frédéric-Gabriel Landry, 6, their son - deceased on January 6, 1767
Firmin-Grégoire Landry, 2 months, their son
Marie-Louise Landry, 4, their daughter
Marie-Magdeleine-Marguerite Landry, 2, their daughter
Marguerite Landry, 13, orphan child of Honoré

Anne-Marie Vincent, 64, from Acadia, widow of François Lavache, living at Saint-Servan
Jean-Baptiste Lavache, 17, her son
Firmin Grégoire Lavache, 13, her son

Estienne Melancon, 45, from Acadia, living at Saint-Servan
Françoise Grange, 39, his wife
Joseph Melancon, 20, their son
Marie Melancon, their daughter
Elizabeth Melancon, 13, their daughter
Geneviève Melancon, 8, their daughter
Marguerite Françoise Melancon, 5, their daughter
Marie Josèphe Lucie Melancon, 3, their daughter
Françoise Dorothée Melancon, approximately 2 months

Alexandre Daigle, 37, d'Acadie, living at Saint-Servan with his family
Elizabeth Grange, 33, his wife
Alexis Mathurin Daigle, 4, their son
Jean-Baptiste-Alexandre Daigle, 1, their son
Elizabeth Degle, 5, their daughter

Charles Dugast, 29s, from Acadia living at Saint-Servan with his family
Marguerite Grange, 27, his wife
Jean Charles Dugast, 1, their son
Marie Josèphe Dugast, 4, their daughter
Pierre Olivier Dugast, approximately 6 months, their son

Paul Aucoin, 55, living at Pleudihen with his family
Marie Leblanc, 45, his wife
Joseph Aucoin, 16, their son
Marguerite-Suzanne Aucoin, 18, their daughter
Tersile Aucoin, 15, their son
Marie-Magdeleine Aucoin, 13, their daughter

Alexis Gautrot, 36, living at Saint-Servan with his family
Marie Louise Hachet, 33, his wife
Marie-Marguerite-Pélagie Gautrot, 2, their daughter
Magdeleine-Rosalie Gautrot, 2 months, their daughter

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