• 1604    First Acadian settlement on Saint-Croix Island

    1605     First Acadian settlement in Port-Royal

    1607     Jamestown is established

    1608     French settlement of Quebec

    1620      Pilgrim Fathers land at Plymouth Rock

    1632      Treaty of St Germain-en-Laye.

                   July: Isaac de Razilly departs from LaRochelle with Charles de Menou and                             300 settlers

                   September 8: Isaac de Razilly arrives at Le Heve


  • 1636     1 April: The St. Jehan arrives in Port-Royal with French settlers
                  that includes both men and women.

    1655      Fort Port-Royal is captured by the British

    1667     First successful French settlements in North America: Port Royal (1606), and              Québec (1609). English settlements in Virginia begins (1606-07). French and              English territorial claims overlap Acadia. Acadia is recognized as French              possession by the Treaty of Breda (1667). 1670      Treaty of Breda.

    1671      The population of Acadia numbering 340 is enumerated for its first census.

    1672     Beaubassin in the Chignecto Region is established

    1682      Grand-Pré located in Minas is founded. It will become the bread basket
                   of Acadia.

    1687     St-Charles des Mines Church is built at Grand-Pré

    1690     Port-Royal is captured by the British. It will be renamed Annapolis Royal,
                   Nova Scotia

    1697     Treaty of Ryswick.

    1701      Petitcodiac is founded

    1703      With a population of 1,450, the Acadians are enumerated again.

    1708     Queen Anne's war breaks out and there is unrest with the British

    1710      Port-Royal falls to the British one last time and now called Annapolis Royal
                 after Queen Anne.

    1713      Treaty of Utrecht. Acadia now belongs to England and never again returns to

    1720     The fortress at Louisbourg begins construction

    1749      The English found Halifax and bring 2,576 English settlers to populate and
                   settle the land

    1755     The Acadian Diaspora/Deportation begins and will go on for years.

    1758     Acadians who had gone to Ile Ste Jean/Prince Edward Island earlier in
                 agreement with the British Government or who had fled there later are
                 deported to France. A group escapes to Malpèque and is not discovered.
                 Later they will be part of the founding families of Tignish.
                 Three ships go down at sea while deporting the Acadians. Whole families are
                 were never heard from again.

    1758     Acadians on Ile Royale/Cape Breton are deported to France.


  • 1763     Treaty of Paris. The Seven Years War between France and England ends.
                 All of France's North American possessions now belong to England.

    1765     First Acadians settle in Louisiana

    1773     The 2,370 Acadians in France are enumerated

    1776     22 Acadians under the command of Captain Isaie Boudreau fight under
                   Colonel Jonathan Eddy
                 (the Eddy Rebellion) in an effort to retake Fort Cumberland.

    1785      Acadians numbering 1,600 sail from France to settle in Louisiana. Some of
                   their relatives had gone there earlier. They will become known as Cajuns.

    1847     The poem Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longefellow is published
                 A spirit of pride and hope is rekindled among the Acadians.

    1881      First Acadian Convention at Memramcook . The Feast of the Assumption of
                   the Blessed Mother is voted as the Acadian National holiday and is
                   celebrated each year on August 15th.

    1884     Second Acadian Convention at Miscouche on Prince Edward Island. The tri-
                  color with gold star is approved as the Acadian flag and the hymn is Ave Maris
    becomes the national anthem of the Acadians.

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