Arrival in Boston
The Return from Exile By Claude Picard

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Thanks from the Ancestral Home to Claude Picard

Some of the settlements where the Acadians chose to live prior to, as well as post Deportation, are listed below. By far and large, our Ancestors sought to live where they would not be hampered by the English government; where they could live in peace. This would not be that easy but with time they fought for what they believed in and would eventually receive land grants from the government.

This page takes you to various settlements our Ancestors pioneered - some were colonized before the Deportation of 1755 which lasted until 1763. Others after 1763 when during those years they sought refuge and a place to establish new roots. In some instances you will also find quite a bit of genealogical information included.


  • Ile Madame including Arichat and Petit Gras
  • Pioneers of Baie Ste-Marie
  • Pioneers of Bouctouche
  • First Settlers of Cap-Sable
  • Pioneers of Caraquet
  • Pioneers of Chéticamp
  • Pioneers of Chezzetcook
  • Pioneers of the Madawaska region
  • History and Pioneers of Memramcook
  • Pioneers of Franklin Manor, Menoudie, Maccan & Nappan
  • Pioneers of New Brunswick (northern)
  • Pioneers of the East Coast of New Brunswick
  • History and Genealogy of Petit-Rocher
  • Pioneers of Prince Edward Island
  • Acadian refugees in Québec beginning 1760
  • History and Pioneers of Shédiac
  • History and Pioneers of Ste-Anne-du-Ruisseau
  • Pioneers of St-Louis-de-Kent
  • History and Genealogy of Shemogue
  • Pioneers of Tracadie
  • Pioneers of Wedgeport

    Others continue to be added to the accessible list above.

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