These are the treaties that were signed as France and England battled for land across the continent.

The war of 1627-1632 between England and France ended with the Treaty of St-Germain-en-Laye giving France possession of Acadia. This was the first time Acadia was recognized officially as a possession of France.

In 1654 England captured Port-Royal with the attack led by Robert Sedgwick. Until the Treaty of Breda in 1667 England had possession of Acadia. With the signing of this treaty Acadia was returned to France.

The war of the Grand Alliance 1689-1697 ended with the Treaty of Ryswick again giving France possession of Acadia.

With the war of Spanish Succession 1702-1713, the tide began to change and Britain became the possessor of Acadia with the Treaty of Utrecht.

The war of Austrian Succession 1744-1748 saw England in continued possession of Acadian lands when the Treaty of Aix-de-la Chapelle was signed.

Finally Britain would have possession of Acadia forever at the end of the Seven Years War also known as the French and Indian War 1756-1763 when the Treaty of Paris was signed.

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