St. Gluvius Church
Penryn, England

The patron saint of the church of St Gluvias is said to have been the nephew of St. Petroc. In the 6th century the saint settled by the Penryn river. The area where the church now stands was known as Behethlan and contained a monastic building.


  • 1216 - the Town of Penryn was founded by the Bishops of Exeter

  • 1266 - Bishop Bronescombe of the Glasney collegiate church, Bishop laid the foundation stone

  • Funding for the upkeep of Glasney came from the funds collected by St Gluvias, St. Budock and St. Feock Churches. The incumbent of St Gluvias was pacified by a ruling of the Lateran Council which said in a house had to be provided for the priest at a minimum income of five marks.

  • 1318 - The original North aisle was built in this year. It is believed graves and a crypt lie beneath the North side aisle according to detailed accounts recorded in 1889.

  • 15th Century - When the tower was built. During the reformation the church's jewels were sold for ?20.00 to build a market house in Penryn.

  • In 1756 the Acadians originally deported to Virginia were not allowed to remain by that government. Acadians were once again deported this time to Bristol, Falmouth, Liverpool and Penryn in England. Burials records have been found for some of the Acadians who were buried at St. Gluvius, Penryn. Some baptisms and marriages were discovered in the parish of St. Mary in Liverpool as well as St. Mary in Wootten also in Liverpool. All of these Acadians were held as prisoners in warehouses along the docks until they were repatriated to France in 1763. Many died from small pox while in England.

    We now know that the following lists are incomplete. Paul Delaney who is presently a professor at Moncton University has done a great deal of research on the Acadians exiled to England while he taught there. He tells me that he also found records in Bristol as well as other bits and pieces. Since Mr. Delaney works collaboratively with Stephen White, more information on Acadians who died while in England can be found in the Dictionnaire genealogique des familles acadiennes by Stephen A. White and in the Declarations de Belle-en-Mer.

    Register of Burials, 1755-1763

    1756 July 23 Francis Grang? (a French Neutral)
    ---- Aug. 21 Jean Terrian (a French Neutral)
    ---- Aug. 29 Nastise Trahan, a neutral
    ---- Aug. 30 Joseph Trahan, neutral
    ---- Aug. 31 Yellen(?) Grang?, neutral
    ---- Sept   1 Mary Trahan, neutral
    ---- Sept   1 Margaret Tescliau, neutra
    ---- Sept   3 Joseph Trahan, neutral
    ---- Sept 11 Yestiss Grang?, neutral
    ---- Sept 13 Alexander Trahan, neutral
    ---- Sept 16 Margaret Blanc, neutral
    ---- Sept 16 Rene Grang?, neutral
    ---- Sept 18 Nanette Grang?, neitral
    ---- Sept 20 Mary Grang?, neutral
    ---- Sept 28 Joseph Grang?, neutral
    ---- Oct.  6 Marine Grang?, neutral
    ---- Oct. 12 Charles Grang?, neutral
    ---- Oct. 20 Simon Grang?,neutral
    ---- Oct. 22 Margaret Grang?, neutral
    ---- Oct. 23 Charles Teriau, neutral
    ---- Oct. 23 Jean Baptiste Grang?, neutral
    ---- Oct. 27 Matturin Tibodau, neutral
    ---- Oct. 28 Mary Blanc, neutral
    ---- Oct. 29 Joseph Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov.  2 Jermain Tibedau, neutral
    ---- Nov.  3 Fran?ois Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov.  5 Mary LeBlanc Tibodau, neutral
    ---- Nov.  6 Mary Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov.  6 Francis Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov.  8 Pierre Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov.  9 Jean Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov. 11 Nannett Richard, neutral
    ---- Nov. 11 Ozed Tebodau, neutral
    ---- Nov. 12 Jean Baptiste Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov. 12 Mary Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov. 13 Joseph Trahan, neutral
    ---- Nov. 13 Margaret Trahan, neutral
    ---- Nov. 14 Charles Vincent, neutral
    ---- Nov. 14 Pierre Blanc, neutral
    ---- Nov. 15 Isabel Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov. 15 Michel Blanc, neutral
    ---- Nov. 15 Jean Trahan, neutral
    ---- Nov. 16 Touzin Vincent, neutral
    ---- Nov. 20 Joseph Dagre, neutral
    ---- Nov. 21 Isabel Dagre, neutral -- also Mary Trahan, neutral
    ---- Nov. 23 Ozed Dagre, neutral
    ---- Nov. 24 Mary Joseph Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov. 24 Jean Richard, neutral
    ---- Nov. 27 Joseph Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov. 27 Anne Teriau, neutral
    ---- Nov. 28 Claude Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov. 29 Anselm Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov. 30 Paul Richard, neutral
    ---- Nov. 30 Feriniore (?) Trahan, neutral
    ---- Dec.  5 Simon Terriau, neutral
    ---- Dec.  5 Mary Terriau, neutral
    ---- Dec.  6 Mary Terriau, neutral and Rassei Terriau, neutral
    ---- Dec.  6 Mary Degre, neutral
    ---- Dec.  8 Scipro Teriau, neutral
    ---- Dec.  9 Oliver Dagre, neutral
    ---- Dec.  9 Pierre Blerg (?), neutral

    1757 Jan.  2 Joseph Grang?, neutral
    ---- Oct.  3 Blanch Grang?, neutral
    ---- Nov. 12 Jean Baptiste Degre, neutral

    On the back of the last page: French Men buried
    1759 Sept. 26 A Neutral


    The registers date from the year 1562.

    Baptism 1741-1773
    1757 30 June Baptised John Peter, child of Amand James
    Godfather: Cyprian Duon - Godmother: Magdalene Baudrot

    1757 17 Oct. Joseph, Paul Jubert, child
    Godfather: Peter Ligneus
    - Godmother: Isabel Trohan

    1757 27 Nov. Ann Isabella, John Trahan, child
    Godfather: Amand Jemx - Godmother: Ann Hebeair

    Godfather: Louis Trahan - Godmother: Dorathy Trahan

    1760 11 Dec. Ann Trahan is godmother to Ann child of Gabriel Mouran

    1760 2 Mar. Lewis Trahan is godfather to William Jackson's child, Margaret

    1762 21 Nov. Mary Trahan is godmother to William Claissons' child, Mathew


    1758 9 May Conj. in Matri, Petri Traham et Margu: Duhan
    1758 15 Jan Conj. in matri, Estienne Darway et Fran?oise Trahan

    Source: Les Cahiers de la Societe historique acadienne - 1971 - Regis Brun.

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