Sincere thanks from the Acadian Ancestral Home to Georges Arsenault for contributing the Ile St-Jean place names to this website and to the Acadian Museum of Miscouche, Prince Edward Island for granting permisson to post the 1752 map of Ile St-Jean drawn by Samuel Arseneault. The following is from Cécile Gallant, Director of the Acadian Museum.

"We are pleased to give you permission to put online, on your website, the Ile Saint-Jean map of 1752 which was used in the Acadian Museum's Deportation exhibit in 2008. We request that you credit the source of the map as follows:

*Copyright: The Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island."

If you open the map you will be able to see where the place names for Ile St-Jean, today Prince Edward Island, were and are located. The map is in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader you may download one for free at:

Please click here for the PDF Map of Ile St-Jean of 1752

Anse à Dubuisson - (Curry's Cove)

Anse à Pinnet - (Stewart Cove/Pinette)

Anse au Matelot - (Alexandra Bay)

Anse au Sanglier - (Holland Cove)

Anse aux Morts -(Mermaid)

Anse aux Pirogues - (Stewart Cove)

Anse de la Boullotière - (Newtown)

Anse du Comte Saint-Pierre - (Keppoch)

Anse du Nord-Ouest - (Nine Mile Creek)

Bédec - (Bedeque Bay)

Belair - (Scotchford)

Belle Rivière - (Belle River)

Cap à l'ours - (Cape Bear)

Étang des Berges - (Stanhope)

Étang du Naufrage - (Naufrage)

Étang Saint-Pierre - (St. Peters Lake)

Grande Anse - (Pownal Bay)

Grande Ascension - (Scentia Road, located between
Vernon Bridge and Orwell)

Grand Racico - (Rustico Bay)

Havre à la Souris - (Colville Bay)

Havre à Mathieu - (Rollo Bay)

Havre aux Sauvages - (Savage Harbour)

Havre de Bédec - (Malpeque Bay)

Havre de Cascumpec - (Cascumpec Bay)

Havre de Malpec - (Malpeque Bay)

Havre de Tracadie - (Tracadie Bay)

Havre de la Fortune - (Fortune Bay)

Havre Saint-Pierre - (St. Peters Harbour)

Iles é Bois - (Wood Islands)

La Traverse - (Cape Traverse)

Malpec - (Port Hill)

Mer Rouge - (Northumberland Strait)

Petit Havre - (New London Bay)

Petit Racico - (Covehead Bay)

Petit Havre - (New London Bay)

Petite Ascension - (Fullerton's Creek)

Pointe au Bouleau - (Birch Point)

Pointe de l'Est - (East Point)

Pointe du Nord - (North Cape)

Pointe du Ouest - (West Point)

Pointe Prime - (Eldon)

Port-la-Joye - (Rocky Point)

Rivière aux Crapauds - (Crapaud River)

Rivière des Blancs - (Johnstons River)

Rivière des Blonds - (Tryon River)

Rivière de l'Ile au Foin (Wright's Creek)

Rivière de l'Ouest - (West River)

Rivière de Peugiguit - (Pisquid River)

Rivière du Moulin-à -Scie - (Glenfinnan River)

Rivière du Nord - (North River)

Rivière du Nord-Est - (Hillsborough River)

Tracadie - (Tracadie)

Tranchemontagne - (North Lake)

Trois-Rivières - (Brudenell Point)

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