Acadian Marriages in Paimboeuf, Rezé, and Saint-Sébastien, France, 1776-1785

The following marriage records are taken from The Acadian Exiles in Nantes by Albert J. Robichaux, Jr. These marriages were in the records of the churches of Paimboeuf, Saint-Pierre of Rezé, and Saint-Sébastien in France between the years 1776-1785. Most of the Acadians listed were native of Acadia, but were exiled to France. In 1785, 7 ships left France with 1600 Acadians and brought them to Louisiana. The records are divided by church parishes and are listed in chronological order with the husband's surname listed first.


Huzé, Jacques (Ignace Huzé & Marie Josephe Renaud) m. 17 Nov 1778 Manuele Peroucho (Bertrand Peroucho & Sabine Soga).

Heber, Jean Pierre (Pierre Heber & Anne Benois) m. 24 Mar 1784 Anne Dorothée Doueiron (Jean Doueron & Anne Tibeaudeau).

Lavergne, Pierre (Jacques Lavergne & Françoise Pitre) m. 11 Jan 1785 Gillette Caudan (Marc Caudan & Perrine Le Biedee).

Archier, Antoine Julien (François Archier & Marie Anne Julian) m. 21 Apr 1785 Anne Magdelaine Trahan (Joseph Trahan & Anne Granger).

Saint-Pierre of Rezé

Boudrot, Jean (Pierre Boudrot & Magdeleine Bourg) m. 22 Nov 1785 Anne Leonore Grangé (Jean Grangé & Magdeleine Melanson).


Pitre, Anselme m. 29 Oct 1776 Madelaine Le Blanc (Mathurin Le Blanc & Elisabeth Babin).

Thanks to Andre Courville for contributing these marriages to this site.

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