Many of the Acadians who left Châtellerault for Nantes
would make up a large number of the Acadians who sailed to Louisiana in 1785.

Châtellerault is located half-way between the Châteaux of the Loire Valley and Futuroscope. Châtellerault and its surrounding villages are on the threshold of France's Poitou region.

Acadian Families on the First Convoy
from Châtellerault to Nantes on October 24, 1775

Jean Jacques LeBlanc, 52, laborer
   Natalie Pare [Pitre], 42, his wife
   Baptiste, 7, their son
   Pierre Boudrot, 17, son of ?
   Claire, 22, their daughter
   Marie Genevieve, 5, their daughter
   Angelique Cecile, 3, their daughter
   Cecile Dupuy, 80, mother of LeBlanc

Rose Doiron, 26, widow Bourg, wife of Loiseleur, lacemaker
   Adelaide Bourg, 9, her daughter

Madeleine Bourg, 44, widow of Pierre Boudrot
   Louis, 16, her son
   Jean, 16, her son
   Celestine Sibilas, 12, her daughter

Zacharie Boudrot, 53, laborer
   Margueritte Daigle, 45, his wife, spinner of wool
   Paul Dominique, 12, their son
   Charles, 8, their son
   Benjamin Hilaire, 4, their son

Marie Judith Durel, 37, widow of Jean Daigle, spinner of wool
   Jean Baptiste, 13, her son
   Charles Lazare, 12, her son
   Firmin, 10, her son

Olivier Dubois, 41, seaman
   Margueritte Vallois, 37, his wife
   Pierre, 19, their son
   Jacques, 10, their son

Jean Baptiste Doiron, 30, seaman
   Marie Blanche Bernard, 28, his wife, spinner of wool
   Jean Baptiste Cesar, 6 mo., their son
   Marie Honorine Hypolite, 7, their daughter
   Rose Lucile, 3, their daughter

Jean Baptiste Dugast, 38, seaman (absent)
   Marguerite Joseph Doiron, 39, his wife
   Claude Bernard, 16, their son
   Jean Marie Alexis, 12, their son
   Jean Pierre Mathurin, 7, their son

Jean Gouseman, 45, seaman
   Rose Bonnievie, 34, his wife
   Joseph Antoine, 6, their son
   Rosalie Charlotte, 10, their daughter

Charles Henry, 52, good carpenter
   Marie Bernard, 33, his wife, spinner of wool
   Pierre Charles, 9, their son
   Marie Madeleine, 13, their daughter
   Marie Rose, 3, their daughter
   Cecile, 2, their daughter

Pierre Henry, 48, seaman and carpenter
   Margueritte Trahan, 47, his wife, weaver
   Pierre Marin, 17, their son
   Jean Felix, 16, their son
   Phillippe Joseph, 14, their son
   Amand, 13, their
   Cirille Francois, 9, their son
   Francois Michel, 8, their son
   Marguerite Sophie, 7, their daughter

Jean Baptiste Henry, 29, carpenter (absent)
   Felicite Moulaison, 29, his wife
   Jean Charles, 8, their son
   Joseph Alexandre, 7, their son
   Pierre David, 4, their son
   Amable Sophie, 3, their daughter

Jean Louis Henry, 11, orphan son of Paul
   Marie Jeanne, 9, his sister

Bazile Henry, 34, laborer
   Eulalie Dugast, 37, his wife, sews
   Alexis, 14, their son
   Jean Joseph, 11, their son
   Francois Nicolas, 10, their son
   Cecile Marie, 6, their daughter
   Elisabeth Jeanne, 2, their daughter

Jean Baptiste La Garelle, 42, seaman
   Anne Doiron, 35, his wife

Anne Potier, 61, widow La Garelle
   Genevieve, 21, her daughter

Joseph La Lande, 28, seaman (absent)
   Pelagie Doiron, 19, his wife, sews and brocades
   Eulilie, 2, their daughter

Jacques Langlois, 51, seaman
   Marie Susanne Fouquet, 26, his wife

Jean DeLaune, 28, seaman
   Marie Anne Pare, 25, his wife
   Jean, 8 mo., their son

Cristophe DeLaune, 26, seaman
   Marie Boudrot, 24, his wife
   Jean Baptiste, 5 mo., their son

Jean Francois Mazierres, 25, seaman
   Veronique Renault, 24, his wife, dressmaker for men
   Jean Francois, 2, their son
   Margueritte, 3 mo., their daughter

Jacques Moulaison, 27, seaman
   Marie Doiron, 31, his wife, dressmaker for men
   Rose, 3 mo., their daughter

Charles Pinel, 46, seaman
   Anne Durel, 39, his wife, dressmaker for men
   Louis, 12, their son
   Martine, 8 months, their son
   Jeanne Charlotte, 15, their daughter
   Marie Modeste, 10, their daughter
   Margueritte, 9, their daughter
   Marie Madeleine, 4, their daughter

Eustache Pare, 50, widower of Anne Melancon, seaman
   Laurens Pare, 22, his son, seaman (absent)

Marie Caissie, 57, widow of Joseph Prieur, infirm

Jean Renault, 32, seaman
   Marie Poirier, 29, his wife, infirm
   Jean, 10, their son
   Isidore Marin 6, their son
   Pierre David, 5, their son
   Louis Auguste, 8 mo., their son
   Marie Anne, 2, their daughter

Germain Semer, 55, carpenter
   Marie Trahan, 50, knits and spins
   Gregoire Dominique, 7, their son
   Madeleine, 27, their daughter
   Marie Francoise, 13, their daughter

Joseph Semer, 50, widower of Anne Landry, seaman
   Micelle, 19, his daughter
   Marine, 16, his daughter
   Anne Francoise, 11, his daughter

Acadian Families on the Second Convoy
from Châtellerault to Nantes on November 15, 1775

Joseph Aucoin, 52, carpenter
Joseph Aucoin, 52, carpenter
  Madeleine Gautrot, 51, his wife
  Marie Anne, 24, their daughter

Amand Aucoin, 32, seaman
  Francoise Canives, 32, his wife
  Annette, 1, their daughter

Simon Babin, 41, seaman
  Anne Poirier, 47, widow Granger, his wife
  Magloire Babin, 13, son of Simon
  Francois Babin, 11, son of Simon
  Joseph Granger, 11, son of the wife
  Marie, 15, daughter of Simon
  Luce Granger, 7

Gregoire Benoist, 30, seaman
  Marie Rose Carret, 27, his wife
  Jean Marie, 2, their son
  Marie Rose, 6, their daughter
  Therese Carret, 23, sister of Marie

Daniel Benoist, 26, seaman
  Henriette Le Gendre, 25, his wife

Augustin Benoist, 47, seaman
  Marie Madeleine Gautrot, 37, his wife
  Mathurin, 12, their son
  Francois, 11, their son
  Victoire Marie, 3, their daughter
  Josephe Marie, 1, their daughter

Pierre La Bauve, 28, seaman
  Madeleine LeBrun, 25, his wife
  Marie, 7, their daughter
  Augustine, 2, their daughter
  Marie LaBauve, 23, sister of Pierre, wife of Boutes

Joseph Boudrot, 35, seaman
  Margueritte Richard, 34, his wife
  Jean Charles, 12, their son
  Pierre Jean Joseph, 4, their son
  Marie Marthe, 10, their daughter
  Anne Pelagie, 1, their daughter

Francois Boudrot, 33, seaman
  Euphrosine Barillot, 28, his wife
  Pierre, 5, their son
  Paul, 4, their son
  Jean Louis, 2, their son
  Francois Xavier, 8 days, their son
  Marie Bellemer, 15, orphan

Jacques Bourbon, 45, former soldier
  Elizabeth Thibaudeau, 35, his wife

Charles Bourg, 29, seam
  Anne Thibaudeeau, 28, his wife
  Pierre Jean, 6, their son
  Alexis, 1-1/2, their son

Felix Bros, 36, seaman (absent)
  Perrine Thomas, 34, his wife
  Mathurin, 3, their son
  Joseph, 1-1/2, their son
  Rose Richard, 26, relative of Felix Bros

Honore Carret, 45, seaman
  Francoise Benoist, 34, his wife
  Pierre, 14, their son

Ignace Carret, 30 seaman
  Madeleine Clemenceau, 28, his wife
  Eustache, 6, their son
  Marie Clemenceeau, 24, siser of Madeleline

Bazile Chiasson, 28, cooper and seaman
  Monique Coumeau, 29, his wife
  Anne Adelaide, 1-1/2, their daughter
  Anne Marie Martha, 20 days,
  Anne Chiasson, 59, widow Caissey (mother)

Pelagie Benoist, 33, widow Yves Crochet   Francois 14, her son
  Francois 12, her son
  Yves, 8, her son
  Julien, 6, her son
  Jean Marin, 2, her son
  Francoise, 12 her daughter
  Margueritte Benoist, 23, sister of Pelagie

Marin Dugast, 29, carpenter
  Francoise Boudrot, 36, his, widow of Joseph Cloccinet
  Pierre, 2, their son
  Gregoire Cloccineet, 20, son of Joseph
  Marie Dugast, 6 mo., their daughter
  Anne Cloccinet, 15, daughter of Joseph

Charles Dugast, 38, carpenter
  Margueritte Daigle, 28, his wife
  Jean Charles, 10, their son
  Renne Olivier, 9, their son
  Joseph Simon, 6, their son
  Marie Joseph, 13, their daughter

Charles Dousset, 34, carpenter, orphan of Michel
  Euphrosine, 32, his sister

Michel Dousset, 33, carpenter
  Marie Blanche Cousin, 28, his wife
  Jean Baptiste Michek, 3, their son
  Eleonore Honorine, 8, their daughter
  Marguerite Madeleine, 8 mo.

Alexis Gregoire Doiron, 32, seaman
  Heleine Aucouin, 32, his wife
  Gregoire, 7, their son
  Pierre, 6 mos., their son
  Francoise, 8, their daughter
  Victoire, 3, their daughter
  Francoise Aucoin, 30, sister of Heleine

Jean Baptiste Durambourg, 53, seaman
  Madeleine Henry, 41, his wife
  Jean Baptiste, 17, their son
  Marie Madeleine, 15, their daughter
  Marie Jeanne, 10, their daughter

Jean La Forestrie, 45, seaman
  Michelle Herve, 48, his wife
  Jean Marie Michel, 2, their son
  Marie Rosalie, 20, their ddaughter
  Angelique, 16, their daughter

Louis Gaudet, 44, seaman
  Marie Hebert, 45, his wife

Acadian Laborers on the Fourth Convoy
from Châtellerault for Nantes March 6, 1776 to March 13, 1776

[The number indicates the number of people in that family.]

Joseph Aucoin and Isabelle Henry his wife 4
Jean Baptiste Dugast and Anne Bourg his wife 5
François Moyse and Ursule Bourg his wife 4
Joseph Moyse and Marie Hébert his wife 4
Charles Bourg and Magdelaine Blanchard his wife 5
Joseph Landry and Cécile Brault his wife 5
Ignace Hamour and Anne Bourg his wife 5
Jean Metra and Marguerite Bourg his wife 3
Amand pitre and Geneviève Harceman his wife 5
Charles Dugast and Anette Naquin his wife 4
Benjamin Pitre and Marguerite Boudrot his wife 9
Prosper Landry and Isabelle Pitre his wife 5
Joseph Gautreau and Anne Pitre his wife 7
Pierre Dugast and Cécile Moyse his wife 3
Paul Dugast and Hélène Blanchard his wife 7
Pierre Olivier Pitre and Rosalie Hébert his wife 4
Ambroise Pitre and Isabelle Dugast his wife 3
Alexandre Gautreau and Marguerite Hébert his wife 6
Pierre Michel and Marguerite Pitre his wife 9
Dominique Guérin and Anne Leblanc his wife 7
Olivier Boudrot and Anne Dugast his wife 5
Jean Baptiste Le Blanc and Ursule Bros his wife 3
Joseph Ignace Hébert and Anne Dugast his wife 4
Claude Dugast widower 3
Amable Hébert and Marie Richard his wife 7
Ambroise Hébert and Félicité Lejeune his wife 9
Jean Baptiste Boudrot and Marie Daigle his wife 5
Hilaire Clément and Tarsile his wife 3
Grégoire Blanchard and Marie Livoye his wife 2
Jean Baptiste Hébert and Luce Bourg his wife 6
Alexandre Doiron and Ursule Hébert his wife 7
François Hébert widower 2
Eustache Daigle and Magdelaine Dupuis his wife 7
Joseph Dupuis and Marie Landry his wife 5
Jean Baptiste landry and Isabelle Dugast his wife 8
Jean Baptiste Daigle and Marie Boudrot his wife 5
Pierre Le blanc and Marie Landry his wife 6
Benoist Blanchard and Magdelaine Forest his wife 7
François Blanchard and Hélène Giroire his wife 5
Charles Blanchard widower 4
Alexandre Daigle and Elisabeth Granger his wife 8
Théodore Bourg and Anne Granger his wife 8
Olivier Aucoin and Cécile Richard his wife 8
Antoine Vincent 1
Pierre Guiminne and Magdelaine Dugast his wife 5
Joseph Bourg and Marie Magdelaine Granger his wife 7
Pierre Bourg and Marie Naquin his wife 8
Joseph Trahan and Marie Boudrot his wife 7
Anselm Pitre and Isabelle Dugast his wife 8
Pierre Robicheau and Anne Hébert his wife 5
Amand Lejeune and Anastasie Légrou his wife
André Temple widower 12
Antoine Aucoin widower 3
Jean Aucoin and Jeanne Terrio his wife 8
Jean Landry and Blanche Le Blanc his wife 5
Isidore Trahan and Magdelaine Le Blanc his wife
Jean Richard and Marguerite Landry his wife 5
Pierre Richard and Blanche Le Blanc his wife 5
Pierre Thériot and Elisabeth Trahan his wife 4
Joseph Blanchard and anne Hébert his wife 8
Ambroise Naquin and Isabelle Bourg his wife 6
Benoist Moyse and Marie Boudrot his wife 4
Pierre Boudrot and Marie Moyse his wife 6
Jean Baptiste Moyse and Marie Blanchard his wife 3
Charles Richard and Cécile Boudrot his wife 3
Jean Baptiste Trahan and Isabelle Le Blanc his wife 7
Etienne Darroi and Magdelaine Trahan his wife 5
Basile Boudrot and Marguerite Giroire his wife 8
Jean Ozelet and Marguerite Landry his wife 5
Joseph Brasseau and Marie Rose Daigle his wife 4
Jean Baptiste Bourgeois and Henriette Bonneau his wife 5
Jean Baptiste Hébert 10
Prosper Girouart 7
Honoré Girouart 4
Jean Jacques Le Blanc 8
Bazile Henry 7
Simon Aucoin 7


The Acadians in France ~ 1762-1776 edited by Milton P. Rider, Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder 1967

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