Acadian Marriages in Chantenay, Nantes, France 1777-1785

The following marriage records are taken from The Acadian Exiles in Nantes by Albert J. Robichaux, Jr. These 44 marriages were in the records of the church of Saint-Martin in Chantenay, France between the years 1777-1785. Most of the Acadians listed were native of Acadia, but were exiled to France. In 1785, 7 ships left France with 1600 Acadians and brought them to Louisiana. I did not put the whole marriage record on this page, I only listed the basic information. If anyone would like the entire marriage record, please e-mail me. If you look at the first entry, you will see that the husband's surname is "Landri". This is a variation of the name "Landry", just like "Ocoin" and "Aucoin". The records are listed in chronological order with the husband's surname listed first.


Landri, Fran?ois (Charles Landri & Catherine Broussard) m. 11 Feb 1777 Marguerite Pitre (Jean Pitre & Marguerite Terriot).

Terrio, Ollivier (Etienne Terrio & Heleine Landri) m. 29 Jul 1777 Marie Ocoin (Ollivier Ocoin & Marguerite Vincent).


Stebens, William (Stanel Stebens & Anne Colcein) m. 25 Jan 1779 Marie Landry (Benjamin Landry & Marguerite Babin).

Dugast, Pierre m. 3 Aug 1779 Rose LeBlanc (Jacques LeBlanc & Margueritte Labauve).


Braud, Pierre (Pierre Braux & Marguerite Guidry) m. 14 Aug 1780 Genevieve La Garenne (Jean La Garenne & Anne Potier).

Terrio, Etienne m. 14 Nov 1780 Margueritte De Vallois.

LeBlanc, Moyse (Jean Baptiste LeBlanc & Marguerite Bellemer) m. 14 Nov 1780 Angelique Delaforestrie (Jean Delaforestrie & Marie Boniere).

Granger, Charles Benoist (Joseph Granger & Marguerite Gautreau) m. 5 Sep 1780 Marie LeBlanc (Charles LeBlanc & Anne Bouderot).

Hamond, Guillaume (Joseph Hammond & Marie Dameue) m. 28 Nov 1780 Marguerite Saulnier (Charles Saulnier & Euphrosine LaLande).


Morel, Louis (Josephe Morel & Marie Ernault) m. 16 Jan 1781 Marie Fran?oise Moulaiszon (Jacques Moulaiszon & C?cile Melanson).

Vallet, Nicolas (Henry Vallet & Anne Stopul) m. 12 Feb 1781 Felicite Moulaizon (Jacques Moulaison & C?cile Melan?on).

Guereux, Rene (S?bastien Guereux & Guillemette Boetvin) m. 26 Feb 1781 Marie Victoire Braud (Alexis Braud & Marie Josephe Tibaudeau).

Rassicot, Jean Baptiste (Jean Baptiste Rassi?ot & Marie Henriette Poitier) m. 8 May 1781 Rose Damour (Joseph Damour & Genevi?ve Leroy).

Hebert, Etienne m. 28 Aug 1781 Anne Magdelaine Braud (Alexis Braud & Marie Joseph Tibaudeau).


LeBlanc, Jean (Simon LeBlanc & Margueritte Bourg) m. 30 Apr 1782 Tarsille Hebert (Fran?ois H?bert & Isabelle Bourg).

Fougeraud, Jean (Andr? Fougeraud & Gabrielle Suehaud) m. 25 Jun 1782 Marie Rose Daigle (Pierre Daigle & Magdelaine Gautrot).

Boudereau, Zacharie m. 17 Sep 1782 Marguerite Vallois.

Savary, Thomas m. 22 Oct 1782 Marguerite Fabre (Roch Fabre & Michel Legoux).

Scott, Jean (Jean Scott & Elisabeth Belly) m. 26 Nov 1782 Marguerite LeBlanc (Joseph LeBlanc & Magdelene LaLande).


Stubens, William (Sanislas Stubens & Anne Scalsen) m. 2 Jan 1783 Marie Babin (Simon Babin & Anne Anastasie Teriau).

Mancel, Jean (Louis Mancel & Marie LeComte) m. 21 Jan 1783 Marie Joseph Ocoin (Fran?ois Ocoin & Isabelle Blanchard).

Daigle, Jean Baptiste (Jean D'aigle & Judith Durel) m. 3 Mar 1783 Marie LeBlanc (Pierre LeBlanc & Marie Landry).

Bouderau, Paul Dominique (Zacherie Boudereau & Marguerite D'aigle) m. 6 May 1783 Marie Olive Landry (Anselme Landry & Agate Barriot).

Legendre, Jean Baptiste (Fran?ois Legendre & Marguerite Labauve) m. 9 Sep 1783 Marie Rose Letullier (Ren? Letullier & Collet Renaud).

Mancel, Fran?ois (Louis Mancel & Marie LeComte) m. 23 Sep 1783 Magdelaine LeBlanc (Charles LeBlanc).

Hebert, Pierre (Pierre Hebert & Marie Bernard) m. 25 Nov 1783 Charlotte Potier (Christophe Potier & Anne Boudrot).

Poitier, Pierre (Pierre Poitier & Marie Doucet) m. 25 Nov 1783 Agnes Broussard (Joseph Broussard & Ursule LeBlanc).


Broussard, Charle (Joseph Broussard & Ursule LeBlanc) m. 8 Jun 1784 Euphrosine Barillot (Pierre Barillot & V?ronique Giroir).

Moulaison, Pierre (Jacques Moulaison & C?cile Melan?on) m. 27 July 1784 Margueritte Granger (Jean Granger & Magdelaine Melan?on).

Brety, Gilbert Bon (Jean Brety & Jeanne Barry) m. 3 Aug 1784 Anne Trahan (Claude Trahan & Anne LeBlanc).

Coumeau, Honore (Jean Coumeau & Anne Marie Tibodeau) m. 10 Aug 1784 Anastasie Belle Mer (Jacques Belle Mer & Marie Landry).

Labauve, Pierre (Jean Labauve & Anne Saulnier) m. 26 Oct 1784 Jeanne Bonfils (Fran?ois Bonfils & Marie Savin).

Henry, Charles (Joseph Henry & Christine Pitre) m. 29 Oct 1784 Marie LeBlanc.

Caillouette, Joseph (Joseph Caillouette & Marie Metot) m. 9 Nov 1784 Elizabeth LeBlanc (Pierre LeBlanc & Marguerite Gautrau).

Dupuy, Etienne (Charles Dupuy & Marie Trahan) m. 16 Nov 1784 Marie Ositee Dugas (Paul Dugas & H?l?ne Blanchard).

Bourque, Pierre (Joseph Bourque & Maire Magdelaine Granger) m. 23 Nov 1784 Marguerite Dugas (Pierre Dugas & Marguerite Daigle).


Guenard, Augustin (Charles Guenard & Anne Car?) m. 10 Jan 1785 Cecile Lagarenne (Jean Lagarenne & Anne Potier).

D'aigre, Pierre (Ollivier D'aigre & Fran?oise Granger) m. 3 Feb 1785 Anne Michel (Louis Michel & Marguerite Forest).

Henry, Joseph Philipe (Pierre Henry & Marguerite Trahan) m. 26 Apr 1785 Marie Tibeaudeau (Pierre Tibeaudeau & H?l?ne Gautrot).

Uze, Pierre Ignace (Ignace Uz? & C?cile Bourg) m. 30 Apr 1785 Marie Perrinne Kimine (Pierre Kimine & Louise Grossin).

Boudrot, Fran?ois Xavier (Antoine Boudrot & Brigitte Appart) m. 10 May 1785 Marguerite Dugast (Claude Dugast & Marguerite Cir).

Thibeaudeau, Jean (Pierre Thibeaudeau & H?l?ne Gautrot) m. 10 May 1785 Marie Dugast (Michel Dugast & Fran?oise Durand).

Hervouet, Jacques (Pierre Hervout & Anne Pagaud) m. 17 May 1785 Marie Dugast (Jean Baptiste Dugast & Marguerite Benoist).

Braud, Joseph (Joseph Braud & Marie Magdelaine Vincent) m. 25 May 1785 Marie Blanche Trahan (Louis Athanazes Trahan & Marguerite LeBlanc).

Thanks to Andre Courville for contributing these marriages to this site.

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