Volume 1

France, Port Royal and Old Acadie Preview

Regions in France: Loudun, La Chaussée, Aulnay, Martaizé, Deux Sèvres, Le Girouard, la Ligne Acadien, Belle Isle-En-Mer; Poitiers; Paris.
Regions in Acadie: Port Royal, Grand Pré, Pisiquid /Pigiquid (Windsor), Cobequid (Truro), Beaubassin (Amherst); Memramcook; Ile St Jean (Prince Edward Island).

Highlights France: Voyage to France, the land of our ancestors - The author’s first hand experiences, explorations and contacts with Giroire/Giroir/Girouard families in France, documented in a series of research trips to France. History of some of the Giroire/Giroir/Girouard families in France, stories, maps, interviews, archives and ancient authentic documents of Girouard and Giroir knights, lawyers, sculptors, and Girouards in high places working for the King of France, family photos, genealogy charts and corresponding text, linking families in France as far back as the early 1600's. La Chaussée, La Chateau de Bonnetière, the initiative of Michèle Touret and Baudouin de La Boullerie, as well as the initiative of Giroir, Girore Girouard family genealogists in France. Acadian history in France, in particular the Girouard, Giroire, Giroir Acadian history, near la Ligne at Cenan and Ligné-la bois. Also presented is the history of the Acadians at Belle-Isle-En-Mer, a small Island off the coast of France. Both the island and La Ligne were government resettlement plans for the Acadians who were returned to France, neither of which were successful. The French-Canadian Girouard origins and history in France, family name and Coats of Arms.

Highlights in Acadie:
Acadians at Port Royal before Deportation (1640-1755)
Brief history of Port Royal exploration and development • The first generations of Girouards doing well at Port Royal among many other Acadian families • Location of Girouards in Port Royal • Possible archaeological Girouard sites in Port Royal • Description of early settlements and life at Port Royal (1640-1755) by people of this era • Government at Port Royal during English Rule (1720-1742) • Movement and travels of the Girouards in Nova Scotia. P.E.I. and New Brunswick before and during Deportation.

DEPORTATION (1755-1763) Deportation of Acadians - The history, movements, suffering, and dispersion of Acadian Girouard families to communities around the Atlantic rim along with many other Acadian families • Migrations and Return up to the restablishment in seven root areas of North America after Deportations and Migrations • Tupperville (Giroir Vill/Girouard Village) near Port Royal, research and connections and links with Tupperville Museum Committee of present day • Exciting discoveries of Girouard locations, using 1733 Mitchel map and GPS compass • Giroir Vill /Girouard village land in Tupperville is on former property of Governor D’Aulnay.

PREVIEW In the next four volumes, with reference to the Acadian Girouards, I will trace as many of the Girouards as possible in the seven root areas of North America where they established or took root and wherever else in this world that their routes have taken them.

William (Bill) D. Gerrior is from a large family of nine children. He resides in Halifax, having roots in the small Acadian village of Larry’s River in Guysborough Co. on his father’s side and in the small Acadian Village of Pulamon, Isle Madame, Cape Breton on his mother’s side (Fougère). Bill is married to Audrey Gray, of Halifax, having two children: Steve and Suzanne, both of whom are proud Acadian descendants carrying on the Acadian traditions, using their own special talents.

The author has given a series of well received workshops on his Master Chart genealogy methodology used in this book, including a session at Grand Pré National Park during Acadian Days, 2001, as well as a follow up workshops at the West Pubnico Acadian Museum, for the families in the Pubnico region and also for a number of other Acadian families in the south, central and northern part of the province.

Bill was a member of the Board of Directors for the CMA 2004 in Nova Scotia, and has been very much interested in promoting the international links of all Acadian families, an objective which has been part of the mission statement of the World Congress of Acadians since its origin – i.e. to build international links for all Acadian families.

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